The Sports I compete in!

My name is Beatrice and every week I compete in several sports. To begin, on a Wednesday morning, I go to a club at school called Judo. This involves working on our self-defence and learning new throws and holds to get our grades and belts. At the moment, I am an orange belt and have 1 tag; I have been working on this for 4 or 5 years. The order of the grades and belts are:

  • Red belt (1st – 3rd Mon)
  • Yellow belt (4th – 6th Mon)
  • Orange belt (7th – 9th Mon)
  • Green belt (10th – 12th Mon)
  • Blue belt (13th – 15th Mon)
  • Brown belt (16th – 18th Mon

Every week on a Friday, I go to a climbing centre from 5:00 – 7:00. I am a level 4 aspirant and am working on my lead climbing. Lead climbing is a technique used to ascend a climbing route. It involves the climber having a rope attached to their harness, which is hanging down to the belayer ( the person at the bottom who is paying out the rope), climbing up the wall and clipping in the rope as they go on… This is very difficult and I have had many falls when I have been climbing like this and sometimes it has affected my confidence slightly, however, after these failed attempts I try to get back up again and climb harder.

The final sport I participate in takes place on a Saturday from 4:00 – 6:00. This sport is Triathlon! It begins on the track with our bikes racing around until everyone has arrived. Once everyone is there, we do a mixture of running and cycling and then at the end of this, we do a duathlon. A duathlon is where we do a number of laps of running, then cycling, then running again. e.g 4 laps of running, 7 laps of cycling, 6 laps of running. After this, we go into the building to do our swimming which we do in an Olympic sized pool. The swimming consists of diving racing and trying our best to beat our times. Some people’s are quick enough to qualify for some special teams. I have competed in one Triathlon  so far and I am going to compete in many more during my career.


Sports is a subject very important to me and a dream for me would be to compete in the Olympics as a runner, cyclist, swimmer or triathlete and now as the 2020 Olympics will hold a climbing event, I would love to become an Olympic climber as well.

Written by Bea 🙂



  1. WOW, Bea that’s so many sports. Keep working hard and you can reach your goal of going to the olympics 👍

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