The Prickly Hay

Last week Year 1 performed their Nativity show, it was all about the baby Jesus. The main characters were Mary and Joseph, they arrived in Bethlehem and Joseph asked if there was any room at the Inn but the last room had just gone! The only room that the inn keeper had was in his stable so they settled down there. There were lots and lots of characters in our Nativity: Mary and Joseph, the Shepherds, the 3 Wise Men, the Angels, the Inn Keeper and the narrators. We sang lots of different songs in our Nativity, our favourite song was ‘Hand in the air, tickle in the middle’.

Thank you for coming to our Nativity, please come again next year!

Alexander and David


  1. I am so proud of you all Year 1. Your Nativity was amazing. Keep learning in the spring term and you will conquer all the challenges Year 1 throws at you. And overall WELL DONE!

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