The Stone Age Boy

Here’s a copy of the text for you to enjoy this holiday.

Here are some questions to discuss about the story too. I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. There may be some reading raffle tickets on offer for this too!

To confirm, you don’t need to answer every question below. Enjoy the text with a parent or family member and tell me what you thought about it. Perhaps you liked the ending? Maybe you wanted to know more about life in the camp. It’s up to you.

See you soon Year 4,

Mrs Henderson


  1. It says I have to download it or something like that, but I’m going to ask my parents so anyways I’m really looking forward to reading this, and I will comment again when I am going to read. I will also keep you updated in the half-term to let you know how I’m doing Bye for now!!!

    • Yes Hannah, you will need to download it. Just check with an adult and click download. Then you’ll be able to see it.

  2. I read some of the story today
    I realised I read this book before
    It was hard for me to read it because I’m using my dads phone and some of them were upside down over reacting sideways but I really enjoyed it

  3. Even though its a bit early, I have read the book already and I just realised that I’ve read the book before in Y3. Also, I really enjoyed the book and it was a really nice story. I wonder if he did actually meet the Stone Age girl? Hmmmmm? That’s a question to wonder about. Byyeee!!!

  4. It was realy fun reading the book and I wonder if the boy actually met the stone age people or not??? Also at the end when hes back at home there is a picture of a drawing on the last page hmmmmmmmmm I wonder if he actually saw them and it wasn’t a dream????Byeee!!

  5. I’ve read the story it was amazing I loved that the boy went to another land and he met a girl. I think that they were different because they used rocks to make fire although we use lighters not rocks so they are different

    • Hi Sophia,
      I’m pleased that you enjoyed the story. I like how you’ve made some comparisons about life then and now too. Well done.
      Enjoy your holiday 🙂

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