The Stone Age Boy

Here’s a copy of the text for you to enjoy this holiday.

Here are some questions to discuss about the story too. I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. There may be some reading raffle tickets on offer for this too!

To confirm, you don’t need to answer every question below. Enjoy the text with a parent or family member and tell me what you thought about it. Perhaps you liked the ending? Maybe you wanted to know more about life in the camp. It’s up to you.

See you soon Year 4,

Mrs Henderson


  1. It says I have to download it or something like that, but I’m going to ask my parents so anyways I’m really looking forward to reading this, and I will comment again when I am going to read. I will also keep you updated in the half-term to let you know how I’m doing Bye for now!!!

    • Yes Hannah, you will need to download it. Just check with an adult and click download. Then you’ll be able to see it.

  2. I read some of the story today
    I realised I read this book before
    It was hard for me to read it because I’m using my dads phone and some of them were upside down over reacting sideways but I really enjoyed it

  3. Even though its a bit early, I have read the book already and I just realised that I’ve read the book before in Y3. Also, I really enjoyed the book and it was a really nice story. I wonder if he did actually meet the Stone Age girl? Hmmmmm? That’s a question to wonder about. Byyeee!!!

  4. It was realy fun reading the book and I wonder if the boy actually met the stone age people or not??? Also at the end when hes back at home there is a picture of a drawing on the last page hmmmmmmmmm I wonder if he actually saw them and it wasn’t a dream????Byeee!!

  5. I’ve read the story it was amazing I loved that the boy went to another land and he met a girl. I think that they were different because they used rocks to make fire although we use lighters not rocks so they are different

    • Hi Sophia,
      I’m pleased that you enjoyed the story. I like how you’ve made some comparisons about life then and now too. Well done.
      Enjoy your holiday πŸ™‚

  6. I had real fun reading the book and I enjoyed it. I am wondering if it was a dream or if it was real that the boy saw a stone age girl? The illustrations were amazing. Byeee!!!

    • Hi Savion,

      Many of you have been wondering about this! We will have to discuss this properly when we get back to school.
      Enjoy your half term Savion,
      Mrs Henderson

  7. I really enjoyed reading this story. My favourite part was where the stone age people are showing the boy how to do all of the jobs in the camp. Three of the jobs that the stone age people had to do were very different to how we do things now because they had to catch their food using a spear but we go to the shops to buy our food, they built a fire to cook their food on, but we use a oven or microwave, and they lived in tents and used animal skin to repair their tents but we live in houses made of brick or concrete. I think the boy realised that his experience wasn’t a dream because at the end of the story when he was grown up and an archaeologist, he found a picture of himself on a cave wall that Om must have painted.

    • Hi Archie,

      I’ve really enjoyed reading your responses online today. You’ve made some great comparisons between life then an now. I love how you used the cave painting as a clue! Very clever πŸ™‚

  8. The story was great but it makes me wonder how Om’s family felt when they meet the boy I think that it felt like a magic wizard coming from the future.

    • I think you are right Marcel. I bet they were very confused! I hope you are having a good half term πŸ™‚

  9. I have read the book and I found it very interesting. But I wonder if the boy actually met the stone age people. Overall it was very interesting and I’d love to find out the next part

    • Hi Lily,
      Great to hear from you! I’m pleased you enjoyed the book and have some questions about it. I agree – I wonder if it did really all happen πŸ™‚
      Enjoy the rest of your break.
      Mrs Henderson

  10. I really liked this book πŸ“š because it makes me wonder and it is really interesting. It is also very enjoyable and I am missing yo all so much even though it has only been a week

      • Hi Tilly! Great to hear from you!
        I’m pleased that you enjoyed the story and had chance to have a good read of it. Many of your friends have also said that they are wondering if the meeting ever took place. Have a look at the cave painting in the pictures – there are some clues there which might help.
        Enjoy the rest of your break.
        Mrs Henderson

  11. i liked it when the little boy and little girl met and he said she looked nothing like a girl he has met before

    • Hi Maci! Om is certainly her own character! I’m pleased you had chance to read it. Enjoy the rest of your break πŸ™‚

  12. I really enjoyed the book. I think that the boy really did meet Om and her family because while they were in the cave she drew a picture of him. At the end of the story it seems like when he was an archaeologist he discovered that picture that she drew.

    • Hi Shaun,

      Great detective work – using the illustrations in the text to help you. Clever work!
      Enjoy the rest of your holiday πŸ™‚

  13. Kai and Rio Greatorex’s answers to The Stone Age Boy
    1)Because he had nobody there to help him
    2)Clothes,Hair,She didn’t speak like a normal girl
    3)Making Fire, Fishing, cooking
    Now we don’t make fire as a job
    4)They yelled because they didn’t have spears to use
    5)Because they were happy to have food
    6)Because stone age people didn’t know what an air guitar was
    7)She used two flints stones to make the fire
    8)He felt small because a bear is huge and he was a kid
    9)Because he wanted to find out more about Om and their history
    10)Because he saw the cave painting Om did for him

    • Well done Rio and Kai! You sounds like you’ve been very busy! This knowledge will really help you tomorrow when we’re back at school. I’m looking forward to hearing about your holiday πŸ™‚

  14. Hi Mrs Henderson,
    I really enjoyed the story because I liked the celebration party and the cave paintings.
    The thing I enjoyed was seeing the signatures on the wall. Also I liked the picture of the boy. I don’t think it was a dream because Om had painted the boy.

    • Hi Freya,
      Great to hear from you! I’m so happy that you enjoyed the story – looking forward to chatting with you about it tomorrow πŸ™‚

  15. 1. The boy was relieved when he met someone because he thought they might help.
    2. She had animal skin as clothes, she went up to a stranger as a child which is something children today would not do and did not wear jewellery with gold or jewels but with shells and stone.
    3. Om was different because she used stone knives, she had shells and rocks as jewellery and used fire to scare animals.
    4. I think they yelled at the reindeer because they wanted to scare it.
    5. Everybody had a party because they had caught a creature that could run fast.
    6. I think they thought it was strange because they didn`t know what a guitar was as the boy was from the future and since the boy didn’t have a real guitar, he pretended to have one.
    7. She started a fire by strucking flint stones together.
    8. He felt small when he saw the bear because it was a big, furious cave bear, a bear in its perfect environment.
    9. I think the boy became an archaeologist when he was older because he wanted to find Om.
    10. The experience he had was a dream because he said he was gone for weeks but everybody else said that he had gone for a few hours.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Wow! What a detailed response! Well done. I’m sure I’ve read and responded to this earlier this week but perhaps the blog goggled it up accidentally.
      Anyway, I’m really pleased to see your comment today and very impressed with your attention to detail in your answers and use of punctuation. See you tomorrow πŸ™‚

  16. I enjoyed this story, it was very interesting. My favourite part was when he met the girl. I wouldn’t like to live in the stone age times it seems like a lot of hard work.

    • Hi Chace!
      I’m pleased you enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing more about what you thought tomorrow πŸ™‚

  17. Here are the answers to the comprehension questions that I think are correct:
    1) The boy felt relieved because he was glad he wasn’t alone.
    2) Om seemed different to other girls because of the style of her clothing, her personality and her interest in other people.
    3) Three jobs that Om’s family does but we don’t usually do are making fire with unusual materials, using stones tom create ornaments and jewellery and simple weapons and tools.
    4) Om and the boy yelled to scare the reindeer, and it seem that they had weapons to kill the victim.
    5) Everybody celebrated because they caught the reindeer, which would give them some source of food.
    6) Air guitars exist in the future, where the boy came from. If it was invented in the future, people before the instrument was made, like Om and her family, wouldn’t understand air guitars, what they are and where they came from.
    7) Om used two flint stones to light up and create a torch.
    8) When the boy faced off against the bear, he felt small because the bears size was massive, compared to the boys small size.
    9) The boy became a archaeologist to try find Om again.
    10) The boy’s experience probably wasn’t a dream after all, because of the drawing Om made on a rock. However, it could’ve been a dream because when the boy said he was gone for weeks, his family members suggested that he was only gone for a few hours.

  18. I have read the story and I have also read it in Yr 3 as well but I have still enjoyed reading it again and my favourite part was when the boy was about to fight the bear!!! πŸ™‚

  19. 1) I think the boy was relieved to meet the girl because he must have been scared and it is better for you to be somewhere you do not know at all with a friend rather than being there yourself.

    2)Three ways that tell us she was not normal is that she wore animal skin as clothes, she had a weapon to fight even though she was a child and also she had no home to live in.

    3)Three things that the family were doing is making fire, collecting water and they lay down animal skin for beds to sleep on at night.

    4)I think Om and the boy yelled because they might have been scared or they were yelling to scare of beasts and catch the animal they wanted to eat.

    5)I think everyone had a celebration when they caught the reindeer because they had caught food and they had something to eat so they were happy.

    6)I think the people thought it was strange when the boy was doing air guitar because they did not have guitars and they did not know what he was doing especially because he was not holding anything.

    7)Om lighted a torch by either scratching flint and steel or by scratching sticks together.

    8)I think the boy felt small when he faced the bear because the bear was bigger than him and because he probably had never fought a bear before and was also feeling scared.

    9)I think the boy became an archaeologist when he was older because of the exiting things he learned about the Stone Age and because he wanted to know about more of it.

    10)What I think made the boy think his experience was not a dream was the fact that he fought a bear and felt things and also because he could do things and he could see things with his eyes open and not picturing in his brain.

  20. The story was so fun to read.And the end he doesn’t know what happened to him he got back home.I loved the part when he got back home.

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