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Hello Year 6!

Whilst we are busy learning at home during the school closures, you can use this blog page to ask any questions you have about the work that has been set, or give me your thoughts about a task.

Ask in a comment box, and I will do my best to help remotely. Maybe you could even help each other by explaining stinkers or trouble-shooting yourselves! Keep an eye on this blog if you have asked a question, as I will reply in the comments!

Be sure to have exhausted your BRAIN, BOOKS and BUDDIES before you ask THE BOSS!!

I look forward to hearing from you!



    • Hi Nima,

      No – rather than pretending you’re the giraffe, it will be a descriptive piece. You will need to describe what can be seen for the reader. Try to avoid using ‘I, we, our’. Stick to third person: ‘he, she, it, they’. The only time you might need to change to first / second person is if you’re recording what the character says using direct speech (inverted commas).
      Hope that helps!
      Miss Lee

    • Hi Jess – I’ve re-uploaded it. It works for me, so could you give it another go and let me know if it’s still not working?
      Thanks Jess,

      Miss Lee 🙂

  1. Dear Miss Lee,

    For today’s writing task, I have got the same exact book that I’ve done the activity before. Should I still do it or try an alternative?

    • Hi Nima,

      Don’t worry about diaries. Just bring a packed lunch (if you’re not having a school one) and a coat if needed 🙂
      Miss Lee

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