Thinking about Jesus our King!

This morning, Year 1, Year 2 and lots of visitors gathered together around the cross in the Hall to celebrate a Liturgy all about Jesus our King. We began our liturgy with a song called ‘Lord I lift your name on high’ and we started by making the sign of the cross. At the start of our Liturgy we listened to the special readings from the Bible. Our first reading and our psalm described Jesus as a shepherd who will keep his sheep in view and will find them if they get lost and will tell them to stay close to Him.

We then sang Alleluia! to greet the Gospel. The Gospel told us a story that Jesus told his disciples. He described a king who was like a shepherd who was sorting the sheep from the goats. The king said that whenever we help someone we are helping Jesus. After the Gospel we thought about when a lady washed Jesus’ feet and then anointed them with a special oil. We thought about how we are anointed during Baptism by the oil of Chrism. When we are anointed, we are like Jesus and that reminds us that we are part of Jesus’ family and Jesus’ mission to spread love to everyone. In our liturgy we anointed each other by making the sign of the cross on everyone’s forehead. This reminded us that we all have a special mission and that we are blessed with God’s love and mercy.

After we had thought about the messages in our scripture we prayed and we sang ‘Hail Mary’ to ask Mary to pray for us for help with our mission. At the end of our liturgy we took a red piece of paper which gave us our special mission of how to help others. These missions were the same ones that Jesus gave to his disciples. We took these missions back to our classrooms so that we can remember to do what they say everyday!

Dylan and Maci.

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