This Year I Will!


As you probably know, our statement of the year is ‘This year I will’ and in my opinion this is a really great choice because it is encouraging you to take opportunities such as: try something new or be more confident and positive, and they are just to name a few things. This is by far my most favourite statement of the year and I have good reasoning for it too. Firstly, as I stated before it encouragers others to do something amazing that they will surely be proud of. Secondly, it is extremely rememberable and it gives me upmost joy every time I think or say it; in addition to this, it always make me wonder what I could achieve if I put the effort in to it. Finally, it is a great thing to live by for the whole year, also it makes me want to make myself proud and others in the same way.


I want to make it clear to everyone reading this that you can make this year be your year, all you have to do is believe in yourself. You may think that you have no talent but you do, you just don’t see, you could achieve amazing things but only if you tried and believed in yourself. I have some tips on how to believe in yourself:

1) Make a list of your accomplishments.

2) Talk to people who love you.

3) Find a cause that you believe in.

4) Set realistic goals.

5) Reflect at the end of each day.

6) Be persistent.

Remember all of these things if you don’t truly believe in yourself!



By now I hope you are starting believe in yourself at least a tiny bit now. This statement really inspires me to do something remarkable and a truly hope that it does the same thing to you too. You may stumble in the learning pit trying to do something challenging but if you persevere and believe that you can do it, then you can achieve outstanding things.




  1. This year we will all try our best to do the best, and to achieve the best score we can do. This year we will to try to shine our mission statement and to live out the 5Rs.

  2. I think that this year’s topic of ‘This Year We Will’ is great, because it’s inspiring us that we can do anything as anything is possible.
    This year I will make amazing memories.

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