Tudor Tyranny and Treason: A City of Secrets

Dig and discover the following Tudor city, Year 6, by watching the video (it’s the same as the one we watched in class).

What does it make you think? Feel? Do?

Create a detailed, figurative word and sentence bank that will help to describe the setting for readers who haven’t seen the video. We will write our narrative description back in class, so your word bank homework is REALLY important for this.


  • Go into the video – imagine you’re there.
  • Use your five senses to describe SAFAD- Setting, Action, Feeling, Atmosphere, Dialogue
  • Think about feelings INSIDE, and how these show themselves on the OUTSIDE
  • Use ONLY THE MOST AMBITIOUS WORD CHOICES. Remember the tricks: similes and metaphors to help compare; ‘ed’ and ‘ing’ openers for variation; THIRD CHOICE WORDS ALWAYS
  • Punctuate perfectly!

REMEMBER: Write for the reader: let them see what you have been lucky enough to see!

Good luck!

Due Wednesday 29th November 2017


  1. Words:
    – dingy

    – she walked past the dark,dingy houses,outside there was cobwebs hanging from each market stall.

    -the abandoned house stood there,still,maybe it was looking for something, or someone

    -the houses looked so torn down and warn out ,it seemed as if it was abandoned.

  2. Tudor Tyranny and Treason: A City of Secrets Word Bank:
    Blanketed Captivated in wonder
    Hazy Produced
    Carpeted Houses littered
    Strewn Worn-out
    Outline Scattered
    Horizon Cloaked
    Pierced Encased
    Rugged Coated
    Cragged Grasped
    Craggy, Jagged Shimmered
    Towering Glimmered
    Colossal Decaying
    struck Carpeted
    Bustling crowds Contents
    Plastered wood
    Sowed- clouds
    Dingy alleys
    malicious characters
    Brimming with people

  3. Tudor Tyranny and Treason: A City of Secrets Word Bank:
    Blanketed Hazy
    Craggy, Jagged
    Bustling crowds
    Plastered wood
    Sowed- clouds
    Dingy alleys
    malicious characters
    Brimming with people
    Captivated in wonder
    Houses littered
    Captivated in wonder

  4. .Misty fog blanketed the sky .A spark of mystery, a spark of adventure .Narrow alleyways as black as coal .Darkened paths where nobody knows, were they will lead .Branches fell like witches brooms .The fire blazed like burning hearts, taking the souls of the ones who wonder and star .The flicker of the street light could change anything and everything .Everything was a mystery, every stride you take, every path you follow, leads to an adventure

  5. Sentences:

    My eyes were burning as I walked down the street, sore from the chimneys and fires that are blazing around the town.

    I can hear clanking from every window. The pots and pans were rattling fiercely.

    I smell food as I walk down the narrow streets. My stomach is as empty as a poor person’s wallet.

    I feel the revolting scratch of flies on my face.

    Words and phrases:

    Tumultuous (noisy)
    Autumnal (to do with Autumn)
    Sky like stone
    Smoke as black as the night sky drifted around
    Buildings tower like trees above me

  6. Here is my word bank:
    . Air polluted.
    . Darkened, clouded air.
    . Thatched roofs.
    . Millions of houses reach out to grab and pull you into their home.
    . Cobblestone walls.
    . Eerie, upseting atmosphere.
    . Dusty, aged white houses.
    . Ancient, worn clothes hung onto dear life onto ropes.
    . The sound of children and families talking and walking filled the air.
    . Many flies flew into the air spreading diseases.

  7. Filthy, crowded streets.
    Tall and narrow town houses.
    Gloomy, dull streets as light was captivated by the houses, not letting light to enter.
    Silky, spiders’ webs stretched across the filthy glass window panes.
    The houses so closely built that they could look at each other straight in the eye.
    The oozing smell of waste captivated all my senses.
    The smell of repulsive odours echoed at each corner of the village.
    Lifeless, wearisome
    The sight of the plight quenched my thirst.
    “Help!” Bellowed a young girl as she was surrounded by rats like an army preparing to attack
    “Don’t leave your outdated, rotten meet hanging out in the air Mr butcher!” Screamed the neighbours.
    The grotesque plight of the village was like a sea strewn with wreckage.
    Darkness captivated the whole village, whilst the light was imprisoned behind the herd of houses.
    The heaps of dirt across thr streets; home to rats and mice
    Streets unhygenic and poor like they were home to animals not humans
    No signs of drains or sewers, the streets multi tasked instead.
    My heart pounded with fear and nervousness as I walked along the dark, abandoned streets.
    The level of pollution drained the villages colours with only black and white to be seen.
    The unpleasant odours travelling through my senses like poison.
    Repulsive, revolting, frightful
    Stomach-Churning, sickening

  8. Hundreds of warn out houses Dirty clothes hanging Murky shadows behind the Crummy washing line

    Fruit stalls with buzzing bees waiting to see what is next Polluted puddles on the icky brown ground

    Lights hanging carefully next to the massive mysterious magical houses Leaves falling down the crooked trees

    Restaurants left with obnoxious fruits from millions of years ago Abominable benches which were brown, odious and scandalous

    It felt like you just walked into an abandoned city It felt nauseating It felt outrageous It felt appalling It felt mysterious …

  9. Ancient buildings scraping the grey smoke-filled sky, towered over the ruff and rugged ground.
    The smell of pollution, smoke and urine had blended together and had been tossed in the air.
    The cracked and crooked peasant houses stood in awful conditions.
    The overwhelming, bustling, busy noise echoed deeply through the city like an army of loud and fierce men fighting.
    ominous sky
    bright lanterns
    pearl-white clouds
    flies buzzing around the market food
    gusts of fierce wind

  10. Tudor Tyranny and Treason: A City of Secrets Wordbank
    – clouds blanketed the sky
    – towers emerged through the layers of paupers houses and expensive manors
    – discussing their past, present and future, the commoners of the square gathered
    – a single lonely tree with branches that had seen kingdoms rise and fall
    – roofs thatched with the thoughts of safety from the higher levels of society
    – the stained glass in the windows added colour to the cobbled streets, winding a glimmer of hope into the darkness
    – houses with consistent patterns that were showing the endless struggle of those within
    – dingy alleyways begging for light and freedom
    – clothes hung above the paths, swaying in the wind
    – slaughtered animals were pinned to signs, prepared to be sold to only wealthy people with enough money to afford them.
    – smoke billowed out of the chimney
    – on the outside, it was an unsteady ramshackle (however on the inside it was a place of safety and security to those who resided there).
    – pubs with cries of joy and laughter echoing through them
    – a house filled with hope that one day it might be transformed into something more
    – Consistently glowing, the flame within the lantern flickered and attempted to survive with its final embers
    – the busy marketplace was swarming with people discussing their recent experiences, laughing and joking even though they had nothing but love to keep them going.
    – sacks of fruit and foreign luxuries were displayed in wooden carts
    – near the lifeless bodies were flies, hovering with no grace or thought of those who miss the departed ones
    – workshops were lit up by the fires that helped people work
    – the houses belonging to the wealthier Tudor people cast shadows onto the poverty-stricken homes with arrogance, malice and greed.

  11. Sentences:
    .The cold, hanted houses drew me into their secrets, their promises
    .Everything had a secret waiting to be told
    .The mysteries the endless mysteries were hiding behind ever corner
    .The city was as big as an enourmous mammoth waiting for its prey

  12. Decayed buildings,
    desolate alleyways,
    The immense brick building is a hand reaching up to the heavens.
    The market streets, which are abandoned and overcast, were once filled with people.
    Temptingly, alluringly, invitingly, the brick houses previously beckoned people to explore the vast city.
    Crumbling buildings

  13. Tudor Tyranny and Treason: A City of Secrets Sentence Bank:

    Mountains of clouds swirled across the misty air as sun rays pierced the sky.

    The appealing, elegant outline of the worn-out outer town gashed the alluring, ascending horizon.

    Tops of churches slashed the morning sky as the rays of happiness washed over everything.

    The moss were like sly lions ready to pounce on…; Church bells reverberated across the crummy, polluted streets; Streams of people flocked around the …

    Smoke encased the air from the ancient, antique chimneys while the tattered windows covered the buildings.

    The battered cobblestone were separated from each other like they were a jigsaw trying to assemble.

  14. *dented barrels roll on the jagged path waiting to be lifted
    *the churches stood tall and proud
    * wooden huts trembled and cried as they stood on their legs
    * trees and plants were out of sight and replaced with monasteries crying, bottling their fear, scared to be burned
    *smoke filled the air creating puffs of grey clouds
    * chatters filled the atmosphere as the winter season bit the air
    *lanterns shone bright lighting the further path
    *dark clouds blanketed the sky
    *the wind loudly whistled, blowing barrels and lanterns

  15. A sprawling city, secrets built into the brickwork, choking clouds of acid smog hugged the surrounding buildings. rags hung forlornly, half-naked urchins scampered around my feet, heart ached with pity and disgust. men with a ruddy blush adorning their cheeks, a buzzing humming crowd, flies swarmed around a cows carcass. flickering gas lamps, casting eerie shadows on the nearby walls.

  16. As you walk in the silent city, you notice the grey clouds that look like candy floss amongst the orange sun set, settling in its home. Towers as tall as a giraffes neck, bearing there fingers to the sky. Carts rolling down the rusty road surrounded by brown, worn-out buildings with lanterns hanging from metal pipes. As you walk through, the wind Dances gracefully in the sky eager to go past, with sudden silence hugging the wind. However, the smell has reached to your nose, leaving you with a sense of fresh wind, washing hanging from lines not letting go of the houses, with fruit on carts, which leaves you with eager to taste the delicious, flavoured juice inside. Nervous, with butterfly’s having a party inside leaving you with a anxious, weird feeling. Anxiously, in the corner of your eye you see bags of food and washing outside lying there waiting to be picked. What would you might explore next?

  17. Word bank
    .The dusky smoke danced and swayed as the wind blew furiously to make it completely vanish.
    .Clothes hung on strings was endlessly being blown by the raging wind.
    .The sky appeared somber yet there was a strike of peachy, coral illumination bringing joy to the village.
    . Enormous buildings towered the village while petite stalls beckoned onlookers.
    .Barrels were carelessly dropped on the damp, textured floor with millions of due drops creating an eternal dazzle.
    . As the congested community abide silent, the wind hooted piercingly.
    . Stuffed animals hung externally caused a stench so loathsome and repulsive.
    . The city was packed with secrets, mysteries of unrevealed myths.
    . The lake constantly rippled generating a hassle free relaxation.
    . The church stood imperiously shielding the city
    . Filthy windows
    . Radiant bonfire
    . Unravelled sacks
    . Luminous lamps
    . Vintage village
    . Fly infested fruits
    . Alpine towers
    . Blossoming trees
    . Tattered houses

  18. .Buildings towered over the city like a dinousaur
    .Trees were burnt from the toxic smell in the sky
    .Flies surrounded houses like a herd of angry bees
    .Lights shone out of the houses
    .Smoke polluted the sky like a dusty cloud
    .The streets were dark and gloomy like a cold winter evening
    .Washing lines crowded the streets like trees that were coming to life
    .Towering buildings
    .Lights shone in the darkness as flies crept around them like a swarm of bees
    .The streets were crowded with planks of wood and bricks
    .The road looked like charcoal
    .White clouds
    .Emptied out streets
    .Scattered paper surrounding the streets
    .Old,abandoned houses

  19. It was very dark and damp as i walked through the smoky streets my eyes stung from the bitter smoke. the cobblestones were slippy from the mud.
    Word Bank:cold

  20. It was very dark and damp as i walked through the smoky streets my eyes stung from the bitter smoke. the cobblestones were slippy from the mud.
    Word Bank:cold

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