Underwater Cave-Diving!

As part of our ‘Brave, Strong, Fearless: How has Central America Thrived?’ topic, we have been exploring under-water cave diving. Central America (Mexico to be precise) has an abundance of underwater caves, each with their own unique setting.

With such beautiful, mysterious and awesome sights, we thought it was only right to describe these caves, as well as imagine what it must be like to dive and discover them!

Take a look at these phenomenal descriptions written by our Year 6s. What writing devices can you hear? Which ones really paint the picture and help you to ‘see’ the caves?


  1. The under water cave diving work was amazing!
    My favourite sentences were probably the rhetorical questions (would he survive?) (Where was he going to go?)

  2. WOW! These pieces of writings are incredible. I loved the rhetorical questions!😁😊 I might even be inspired by these and put it in my next piece of writing.πŸ‘

  3. These outstanding detailed stories about cave-diving is absolutely amazing! Hope to see more of this from year 6 and the whole school!

  4. These writings are so inspiring. The rhetorical questions were awesome too.
    these inspired me to put more effort into my writing. Good job. πŸ™‚

  5. These underwater cave-diving stories are truly year 6 standard and probably even year 7 standard!πŸ‘ I would love to see more from year 6’s bright students!πŸ˜€

  6. You did a good job doing this work! I love the rhetorical questions because it makes the reader think. Maybe I could add more rhetorical questions to my work..

  7. These pieces of writing are amazing. I also loved the rhetorical questions.:) I’m really inspired. And I might even put some of the ideas in my writing.

  8. I loved this piece of work. I loved having practise on different types of sentences. I hope in the future we can do something again like this.😁😁😁

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