Upper KS2 Maths Challenge!!!

It’s NSPCC Number Day! Warm up your maths mind by giving Thomas’s challenge a go!


A supermarket orders 8632 strawberries.

One packet of strawberries can hold 7 strawberries.

How many packets will they need?


The answer for this would be 1233 r 1 but you would need an extra packet for the ramainding 1.The way you would work this out, is by simply doing short division with the bus stop method. All i did was just divide 8632 by 7 which left me with 1233 and a remainder of 1. I then realised that they would need one extra packet to hold the last strawberry. On the other hand, if this was real life, they would probably throw the remainding 1 strawberry away since it would be pointless to get a whole packet for just 1 singular strawberry.


  1. The answer is 1234 this is is because I did the bus stop method and found it was 1233 r1 but you can’t leave out the remaining one so you have to get another pack. Great maths challenge Thomas!

  2. Wow! Now that was a very hard challenge, it can be very challenging when you have no idea how to do the division to get the answer. Was the answer 1234 because 8632 divided by 7 equals 1233r1 but then you will need another pack for the remainder of one.

  3. I also got 1233r1 using the bus stop method. However, I would put the remaining strawberry into one of the 1233 packs. I would do this because with remainders, you can round up or down. I would round down because like you said, it is pointless to get a packet of strawberries and then find out that there is only one in your packet.

  4. The answer is 1234, What I did a bus stop and got the answer of 1233 r1 but you can’t have one left out so you get another pack for it. Great challenge Thomas it was challenging!

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