Using Colons at Christmas!

Year 5, this week we have been looking at the different ways to use colons in our writing.

Here is what we have learned about…

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Below are pictures inspiring you to think about Christmas time in the Tudor era.

Your challenge is to use these pictures (and your own research) to write a minimum of three sentences about Tudor Christmas. Each sentence should include a colon and they should each be used in a different way.

An example sentence is…

Henry was only thinking about one thing this Christmas: food!

As always, you are challenged to make ambitious word choices and stylistic devices.

Good luck!


  1. The Tudors had lots of fun events at christmas:dancing,performing and eating.
    The Tudors favourite tradition at Christmas was: dancing!
    The Tudors feasts were legendary:they had everything you could possibly imagine.

  2. The Tudors ate a huge meal with: pork beef and a lot of other things.
    During the banquet there was: singing dancing and music.
    There was one thing King Henry wanted to do:EAT!
    The Tudor Banquet: one place to get really full.

  3. The Tudors held great events at Christmas:shows,parrades and eating.
    The Tudors have the greatest food you could ask for:peckock,salad and chicken
    King Henry beheaded many people: Thomas More,Cathrine Par.

  4. Christmas:the best time of the year and many delicious food items!
    Everyone’s favourite time of the year is Christmas:you get to open many presents.
    At Christmas, the Tudors had many events:dancing, singing and funny performences!

  5. There were a variety of different meats that tudors would eat at their lavish feast at Christmas: goose, partridge, wild boar and swan.

    During Tudor times, the four weeks of advent consisted of fasting: a tradition that is still practised by some people today.

    Henry VIII had only one thing he wanted to do most at Christmas: eating!

  6. Christmas was the greatest festival celebrated by the Tudors spanning twelve days: from December 25th to January 6th.
    The Monarch was required to:attend Mass three times, and he was also expected to wear new clothes.
    The Tudors mince pie had 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and apostles, they contained:fruit, spices and mutton to represent the shepherds.
    Another Christmas tradition included various:games, songs and dance.

  7. there were a choice of things the tudors could do at christmas:dancing,singing,eating

    the kings favarout thing to do was:eating,people said no wonder he looks like that

  8. The Tudors had very scrumptious, appetising and delectable food: pork, beef, partridge,wild boar, goose, pig and swan.

    The Tudors held delicious, luscious and satisfying feasts: it was anything you can imagine it was a fantasy it was phnominal.

    The one thing Tudors love the most about Christmas is: presents

  9. Henry VIII palace was made out of one thing: GOLD!

    Henry had lots of gold items: necklaces, ear-rings, diamonds, pearls.

    Henry VIII:is a slash of lightning, if you don’t listen you will be a excuted

  10. The Tudor have many happy events to take part: dancing, performing.
    The Tudors did lot of things: They danced with gold.
    The Tudors had a lot of presents like: Gold

  11. King Henry at his big feast would like presents:Rubies, Diamonds and a variety of gold and silver to make him look posh.
    At king Henry’s feast he wanted to entertain people: Killing people as it was his way of entertainment, loud music.
    At Henry’s ball he wanted to entertain Edward:Teddies, puppet shows and statues.
    Henry’s favourite thing for his feat was:Ham, Cherries, Cheese, fruit and especially pigs head.

  12. One of the things that the Tudors loved to do on Christmas day was: feast!

    The dancing was spectacular: they were all so traditional that you would not be able to image what they looked like.

    Henry VIII’s feasts were filled with: pig heads, fruit, bread, cheese and chicken.

    Christmas: a time when Henry VIII invited the most important people in England to celebrate with him at Hampton Court.

  13. The Tudors loved meat such as: pork beef and much more.
    Gold: The one thing the Tudors will always adore.

  14. King Henry had many succulent, palatable, overflowing, platters of food to chose from: pork, mutton, venison, goose, rabbit, swan, turkey, beef, boar, luxurious peacock and heron.
    The gargantuan hall of Hampton Court was full with nobles, lords, barons and important-looking officials: who had flocked from all over England.
    The only thing all the guests had on their minds was: party!

  15. Christmas time was the Tudors favorite of year: All Henry did was drink and cheer. For a simple Christmas Banquet: Musicians all over England would come to Hampton Court to entertain the Nobles of Hampton Court. Henry VIII had many wife’s: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleaves, Cathryn Howard and Catherine Parr.

  16. For Tudors on Christmas all they had were: rotten meat with cheese
    Christmas banquet:Musicians all over England who would come to Hampton court
    Henry had many wives:Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn,Jane Seymour, Anne of cleaves, Cathryn Howard and Caterine Parr.

  17. The Tudors had only a small opportunity to do at Christmas :
    that was singing,dancing and eating.

    The kings favourite thing to do was :execute people.

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