Visit Ancient Maya! Tuesday

Your task is to write our first two sections of our ‘Persuasive Travel Brochure’: the introduction and PEE 1.

Use what we practised in our live lesson and the below resources to persuade your audience :-). Write your first two sections into a comment box so I can feed back!


  1. imagine a place where the jungles never gets tired, where the beach never gets cold, where you can enjoy life alone or together. Once you’ve travelled back in time 1000 years over the Atlantic ocean you will find your self in a world of wonder and history. Ancient Maya is a colourful, Tropical place, it is filled with multicolored flowers, as well as extraordinary species of creatures. Most importantly, it is known for it’s amazing vanilla and chocolate. it is also known for the extravagant game of pok to pok. From medicines to food to clothing and face paint this place has so much to offer. Are you looking for a short get away? Come to Ancient Maya! Well rest assured that Ancient Maya won’t fail to appeal to everyone and anyone. Read on to find out more about one of the most majestic places in the Ancient World!

    • Thank you for posting, Evie! Well done!
      You’ve used some very effective persuasive devices: the imagine sentence, the rhetorical question and the use of ambitious language such as ‘extraordinary species’ creates a credible tone for your reader!
      When you proofread and edit, check for missing capitals and ensure commas are used accurately (where are they not needed, and where are they missing? I’d also like you to try to vary sentence structure by joining your ‘Most importantly’ sentence with the pok-ta-pok sentence. Finally, don’t forget that the PEE 1 section also needs to be completed (see above for help).
      A great go, Evie!

  2. Introduction

    Imagine a place where the sun shines above you, where there are multiple foods, where football is a religion: Ancient Maya is that place. Once you’ve travelled back in time, across the Atlantic ocean you will find yourself in Central America or as we know it Mexico! A colourful, tropical place, it is fillec with the beautiful sun as well as the exotic rainbow-coloured flowerless. Most importantly, it is known for red pyramids, culture, and achievements. Are you looking for a wonderful place? Well rest assured that Ancient Maya won’t fail to appeal to everyone and anyone. Read on to find out more about one of the best places in the ancient world!

    • Well done, Ciona! Thanks for posting! A great first sentence using commas for lists and a colon. I like your choice of words too: multiple, exotic and ‘rest assured’:-).
      When you proofread, listen out for missing commas for clarity (and lists) and consider how you can extend your ‘Most importantly…’ sentence with really vivid imagery to paint the picture and persuade.
      I am looking forward to seeing the second part we had to write (PEE 1)!

      A great go, Ciona!

  3. here is my introduction and P.E.E 1

    Imagine a city where the sun always shines, the jungle never sleeps and where history never ends: Ancient Maya is that magical place. Once you have travelled back in time and across the Atlantic Ocean, you will be in the versatile era of the Maya, where the thrill never ends! The vibrant and pulsating culture is just as pleasing to the eye as the cuisine. You will also stumble upon a sport that is not for the faint – hearted. So, what are you waiting for! Are you looking for something to occupy a family or even a lone traveller? Then come and visit Ancient Maya!

    First and foremost, there are simply some things that no visitor could ignore, and architecture is one of them! Experienced tourists must have acquired the knowledge of many unique buildings, but they would not have seen any architecture like the Mayan temples and therefore would find them very fascinating. Some may find themselves bemused about the fact that Mayan temples were originally red; others will find this fact intriguing and will savour this knowledge. Ever heard of La Danta? Well after your inspiring journey you will have (and you will be able to impress anyone by your newfound knowledge) by the time you have swept the halls of The Maya Temples.

    • What a great first sentence, Lina! Great use of colons, hyphens and cohesive paragraph openers.
      Have a think about how you can join ‘The vibrant and pulsating…’ sentence with ‘You will stumble…’ in order to vary your sentence structure. And double-check tense (could/would). For the most part, this will need to be in present tense because we want our readers to visit right now!
      Great writing!

  4. Here is my PEE 1.
    First and foremost, there are actually quite a lot of things that no one could resist, a building is one! Some may want to stay there forever; others would want to go to different places. Once you have decided to go back home, you can tell everyone about your inspiring journeys and adventures. Ancient Maya is a wonderful place (for anyone) to go to.

    • Thanks Ciona! I like your persuasive opener and your experimentation with a Some; others sentence and parenthesis will really help in perfecting these features – keep practising!

      When editing, take a look at the writing frame: which bullet points (or sentence prompts) have you missed? These will help you up-level your writing and use only the best word choices (like we practised in our live lesson)!

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