Visit Ancient Maya! Wednesday

Today, it’s time to finish our ‘Persuasive Travel Brochure’! Use what we learnt in the live lesson to create your very our PEE 2, PEE 3 and conclusion. Remember: your aim is to PERSUADE. Think of all the features we learned last week, and use the below resources to help (the Bad Teacher versions are how NOT to write!). And for the conclusion? This needs to come from you! Write ALL THREE SECTIONS into a comment box (type on Wrod first though!). Happy writing!


  1. PEE 2- After you’ve escaped the incredible history of Maya, why not attend an extreme Pok-Ta-Pok match? Pok-Ta-Pok (an electrifying, match of ancient football) will be able to entertain everyone including adults, children, sport fans and even more: the record-length matches, and hip-swinging moves are unlike anything you’ve ever perceived before! The brutal rules sometimes human sacrifices are made at these intense matches! Make sure not to let the ball hit the ground! That’s a point to the opponent team! Wile away your afternoon by observing the enthusiastic matches of Pok-Ta-Pok beside the mighty high-priest or join the matches by moving your hips and bouncing the round object in the warm sun. Be wowed and mesmerised by a high-priest’s headdress-how would you react if you sat next to an superior? Or perhaps you will become a superstar by leading in a match of Pok-Ta-Pok!

    • Thanks, Merex! I like your attempts at parenthesis after we practised it last week. Your use of a colon is accurate too – great work.

      When you proof-read and edit, read it aloud and identify missing commas for clarity as well as places where the recommended sentence prompts (in the writing frame) could be used. This will help create accurate grammar and imagery for your reader. Remember: third choice only, just as we practised in the up-levelling!

      I can’t wait to read the rest!

  2. Here is my PEE 2, PEE 3 and my conclusion.
    Once the cultural side to your tourist hunger has been sated, why not take a look at the beautiful majestic and green rainforests (but watch out for panthers). Pok-ta-Pok (the original game of football) will make you jump out of your seat! It’s swift hip-swinging moves, it’s record length matches and the rules which are not for the faint-hearted this will up level your enthusiasm and heartbeat. Pok-ta-Pok is Ancient Maya’s most popular game, it’s great for family and friends! While away your afternoon by watching a pulsating game (you might get to sit next to the high priest)t to up level your adrenaline by far more than what you started with. Be vowed and mesmerised by a high priests headdress- do you want a big headdress? Or perhaps you will become a superstar by playing Pok-ta-Pok!

    In addition to the aforementioned attractions, those of you indeed of proemial cuisine must sample the natural side of history. Sample the most delicious foods in Ancient Maya! Living in the jungle will supply you with food that you won’t just enjoy, you’ll be hypnotised with pleasure! Mayan food is a sweet taste of home: chocolate, vanilla, avocado… Fun, exciting, admirable- who wouldn’t want to come here?

    In summary, Ancient Maya is a wonderful place for families, adults, children and even couples to go to. If that’s not enough to convince you to book a time machine right away. I don’t know what is! What more could your heart desire?

    • A good go, Ciona. I especially like your parenthesis attempts and I can see some effective imagery when describing the experience of Pok-ta-Pok and the taste of the cuisine! A great go at a 3 good -? sentence too!

      Have a think about grammar – read it aloud and check word choice e.g. what else could you use instead of ‘up level’. Secondly, souble check missing punctuation e.g. commas for clarity. And check that you have used all the sentence prompts – these will really help the cohesion!.

      Well done, Ciona – a sterling effort!

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