Vocabulary Quest: And the Winner is…

Hello Year 6!

How are this Friday?

In school, Friday’s are usually Celebr8 days. But don’t worry! We can celebrate right here on the blog.

This week, we are celebrating the Year 6 winner of Miss Cotter’s Vocabulary Quest on World Book Day.

We all completed our Vocabulary Quests with as many impressive, third choice words as we could muster. We researched, collaborated and came up with some real gems!

The winner of the quest in Year 6 was someone who carefully selected a range of adjectives and nouns that are more than applicable in our future writing. There selections were conscientious and ambitious!

It’s Carl!!

Well done, Carl! You produced a fabulous Vocabulary Quest!

You have won a highly-regarded reading book: Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth!

I am keeping this safe for you until school is open again, so hold tight!

My personal favourite words were ‘elysian’, ‘rutilant’ and ‘cosmogyral’. Can anyone use these adjectives in a sentence? Or any of the other words in Carl’s Vocabulary Quest?

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