Vocation and Commitment

As our second Come and See topic, Year 6 have been learning about vocation and commitment. A vocation is our calling from God. If your committed to something, you are determined to do that thing. You might feel that God is calling you to be a priest. This would be your vocation. You might also be committed to listen to what you think God’s calling for you is by persevering to work for that role. Remember that this year we WILL be committed to learning!

Here are some questions:

What do you think your calling from God is?

How will you be committed to that role?


  1. Even though some of us year 6’s don’t have are calling from God yet we will have are chance for our own calling from God because everyone will get a calling from God. I have enjoyed this topic in Come and See, hopefully we can learn about this agian.

  2. I have really enjoyed learning about this topic. Also, I enjoyed learning about how every person has their own special vocation and that we will one day be called by God.

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