Volcano Year 3 Writing Challenge

It was the moment they had been dreading for decades: the volcano had finally erupted.

The earth shook, as torrents of golden death cascaded over the helpless landscape. Clouds of ash swarmed over the countryside, enveloping everything in their path. Chaos reigned as the beast that had been sleeping for years, now awoken, smote his fury upon the world.

In the distance a flash of silvery lightning licked across the sky: a snake’s forked tongue lashing out in fury to strike its prey. The world was on fire. It was natures turn to take its revenge.

Sentence challenge!

Verbs are action/doing words. Which sentence(s) contains two verbs?

The volcano erupted an oozing, orange lava.

Lava exploded out of the volcano, bubbling over the landscape.

A streak of lightning shot across the sky.

The ash-cloud shot over the land, rising high up into the sky.

TASK: Can you write your own description/short story about the volcanic eruption? Use interesting verbs in your writing. How about some of these:

shot  dashed  exploded  erupted  crept  bubbled  frothed  oozed  smashed  smothered

Draft, edit and improve before adding your final version online…you have two weeks!


  1. It was finally the time for the volcanic mountain to erupt. A deadly earthquake shook the earth whilst the earth was covered with golden death which bursted out of the volcano.Yellow fire burst out of the dark clouds as bullets of lava were shot out. It was a deathly battle of clashing fights as nature’s revenge has started against the mountain of lava. Boiling lava oozed everywhere as it burned the trees into ashes.

  2. Wow! I have a feeling all of the Year 3 pupils will be great at this sentence challenge. How will they describe the volcano in their poem?

  3. Splatter! As the beast awakens as it gets ready for its eruption. Scorching cherry hot lava flying furiously out of its mouth, the creature devours all thing surrounding it without mercy. It is a powerful and fearful monster that should not be taken lightly. It destroys and rips up the earth leaving behind nothing but a scar. Eventually the beast gets tired and falls into a deep slumber leaving behind smoky gases and cooling surfaces. Finally the terror has passed.

    Until it awakes again.

  4. For thousands of years the villagers had paid no attention to the rocky, black lump sitting quietly in the landscape.
    Until the floor began to tremble and a blanket of scorching, melted rock bubbled down the mountainside and towards the village.
    People started panicking but Mother Nature was angry and continued furiously.
    The river of fire dashed onwards smothering anyone or anything in its path.
    It was as hot as an oven

  5. It was a dark and quiet night. After a few hours later, “BOOM” Blue fiery lightning struck down and snapped a rock into pieces. It cracked the ground and made the earthquake. While the lightning kept striking down every second, an immense volcano erupted. Steam, fire and smoke came racing out of the crater with sonic speed. As lightning dashed down once more it burned a tree and smashed it to ashes :o!

  6. Volcano Pirate Eruption There once, were pirates and when in the distance they noticed an Island so they dashed to it. Suddenly, BOOM! A volcano had exploded and oozed out and down the volcano. All at once, a noise crept and smashed the pirates in explosion , but they where goodies. Then the creature that had been waiting for the noise of eruption had came, it was time that a shark had shot out from under-water.

  7. Wow, fantastic writing so far. Such amazing adjectives and strong verbs creating some powerful imagery. I even spotted a metaphor in there, did anyone else?

    • Finally, it was time for the volcano to erupt. Then BOOM!! It erupted with spewing lava everywhere and smoke high up in the air. You could see it from a mile away. Lava was racing towards my house and Pompeii city, everyone thought they were going to die, people were shouting and screaming, as if there was bombing in Pompeii. It was crazy. My mother said to me get my most pride possessions and make a run for it. My neighbours were doing the same.

  8. Today was the day. It had unfortunately come. It was a dark gloomy night, there was a storm and not big lightning but there was only trouble. The lightning got bigger and brighter.

    Suddenly, it struck the volcano with all its might as the chaos began. The lava oozing like crazy started its doom to Pompei.
    It was slipping down the boiling rocks like tears rolling down your cheeks.

  9. After several decades, the time for the huge mountain came to wake up. As the volcano erupted, bright, orange lava shot up into the sky. Dark grey ash swarmed all over the town. All the people were frightened and there was a lot of chaos. The extremely hot liquid sprawled over the landscape. The people smothered within the foggy ashes. It was the time for nature to take its revenge.

  10. The sky suddenly went dark and there was a deep rumble beneath the ground, the volcano started to shake and the hot molten lava burst up towards the sky. The air turned hot as the lava started to splash and creep along the ground.

  11. The raging beast had finally awoke from hid slumber boiling lava oozed out of the volcano the sky until it was light bolts struck from the sky and flashes of light sparked through the sky. The sky had a sheet of ash flying through the clouds and the scolding lava from the volcano bubbled over the landscape the beast was as furious as it had ever been as scary as it could be the eruption had finally stopped.

  12. It was a dark night when suddenly a volcano exploded BOOM! It hit the floor with full power it was like thousands of rock the floor until it the lava boomed out of the volcano! After a while a storm dashed down and hit trees with full power!

  13. A massive earthquake shook the land. It quickly became clear that the beast has awoken after many years. Is this bubbling we can hear? Suddenly a thunder like rumbling echoes from the ground. Scorching lava clashed out of the monsters mouth, gliding down the fiery volcano. The river of molten rocks quickly makes it way down destroying everything in its way. The clouds of ash covered the whole village. It was natures turn to take its revenge.

  14. For many years they knew this day would come but not this soon. one normal day they heard a disturbing rumble. everyone looked out their window. Then they saw scorching hot molten rock oozing out the volcano. They where terrified. Then it started coming towards the village. Every one was packing their things and running . The streets where flooded with people . Everyone was screaming and running .

  15. It was the time they had been dreading for.The flaming hot volcano erupted… The volcano exploded, orange and red lava it oozed down the side of the volcano. The molten rocks smothered down the side causing for the lava to set fire to the houses and trees. the lightning shot over pompeii scaring innocent people. yours faithfully kai

  16. The volcano erupted on the earth. It rained lava all over the land. The animals ran in fear as the bubbling lava destroyed their homes. The world was now a scary place.

  17. The erupted volcano smothered the landscape, you could feel the heat from miles away. It was fast and mean and destroyed everything in its path. It slithered down mountains and swallowed people and houses. It exploded like an egg cracking when it has been dropped. It was really hot, boiling in fact! The earth shook and tremors were felt across the land.

  18. In 24th Augustus 79AD
    Started like any day…
    It was the morning of the eruption. The dogs were barking and the birds were tweeting people were working. There was an earthquake it took for 2 minutes. The roof tops fell of the houses.There was smoke coming out of the volcano.
    The smoke was larger and larger, the wind was blowing. There was grey smoke coming out of the volcano. The eruption was coming! People were shocked, babys cried seriously!
    The houses were grey. People were terrified! Rain was fallen
    The volcano exploded CABOOM!!!!!!….
    The houses were on fire…
    The houses were burned.
    no sound…The people were dead.
    Everything was black…
    No life.The city was burned…

  19. The time has come, THUD THUD its erupted,SMASHED to pieces.Flowing lava streams out like rivers of dark red blood consuming everything in its path.Black smoke billows from its core casting hot ashes everywhere.After centuries of waiting the monster is back for its revenge.Defending there homes the villages didn’t stand a chance.In a heartbeat the land was destroyed by the fierce monster once and for all.Finally silence as the volcano settled!!!!

  20. Wow Year 3, I am so proud of you all, you have blown me away! Incredible descriptions, similes and metaphors, alliteration, rhetorical questions, personal touches and your precise word choices all paint an amazing image in my mind … I can almost feel the smoke stinging my eyes! Well done everyone 🙂

  21. As I watched the Roman soldiers train the ground started to rumble. Orange bubbles crept down the volcano. It stopped and then, BOOM! Orange, yellow and red lava exploded out of the volcano. People ran for safety but they were soon safe. Mother nature fought back fiercely swallowing everything in it’s way. In the distance there was dashes of blue and silver lightning. As the people ran and ran they got covered in ash. It finally stopped. The only things that were left were remains of houses and trees.

  22. As the sky filled with smoke the rocks started to rumble. Hot bubbles began to froth from above the mysterious mountain. The boiling lava came drizzling down towards the village. In Seconds, steaming fire erupted whilst clouds of ash appeared. The sky is a furnace!

  23. As the sky filled with smoke the rocks started to rumble. Hot bubbles began to froth from above the mysterious mountain. The boiling lava came drizzling down towards the village. In Seconds, steaming fire erupted whilst clouds of ash appeared. The sky is a furnace!

  24. It was the day the hole of Pompeii had been scared of. The humongous volcano had a erupted it it was oozing Orange lava which smothered the surrounding landscape.
    Clouds of ash covered the area. Lightning booms at the side of the volcano it looked like a snake champing into the side of the volcano.

  25. Excellent work Year 3 – not only are you fantastic authors but you’re very generous with your praise for your classmates, so lovely!

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