Walk the road to Calvary alone…

Tomorrow Year 6 are leading the Whole School in a time of reflection on the events of the Crucifixion. After the events of the Last Supper our reflection will start with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. You will be able to see everything, from Jesus’ arrest to His crucifixion. We have a mixture of words, drama, music and poetry which will really bring the scenes to life. We are keen to see how people will react to the sad and emotional moments that are part of our morning tomorrow. After all of our preparations it will be a real honour to stand alongside our friends and to share this experience with the rest of our school community – we hope you can make it!

Dexter and Jaeden


  1. Yes today we have done our crucifixion and we got people crying. We carefully dramatized the story. We and many people to tell us that our performance was moving.

  2. The crucifixion is one of my memories because of how emotional it was. I remember the feeling when we finished our performance, it was dumbfounding!

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