Walking for Bunkpurugu!

On Friday the whole school marched it out in the name of charity!  Together, we walked a combined distance of a whopping 5000m!  This even included our parents helping us to complete the final lap at the end of the day!  It was magnificent seeing so many families and friends helping us complete our final metres.  Our youngest children even battled though the rain and wind to complete their laps and the KS2 children continued their efforts in the torrential mud, with some children even choosing to run around and complete more laps than needed!   A challenging yet triumphant day of truly putting our faith into action, come rain, mud or shine!   Well done Team BRW!



  1. it was hard but helpful and hopefully we will build that whole school for Bunkpurugu and give happiness to all of those children and so they could learn better.

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