Watch our plans for Celebr8 Assembly here!

Let us know all the lovely things you’ve been getting up to by writing them in the comments section below.

Ask an adult to send a message or photo to our Twitter and Facebook account if you’d like us to give you a shout out next week.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sending lots of BRW spirit and wishes!


    • I know how much you enjoy Matheltics Steven, it is good to hear that you are still playing lots at home. Yes, we will announce the winners in Celebrate Assembly on Friday. Keep watching and commenting!

  1. Today I helped my brother with his homework we were playing hopscotch and looking for different shapes around the house

  2. Every night I play cards with my family and it’s always so fun.It’s important to spend time with your family. I’ve also been doing some exercise to keep my body healthy. And I have been doing some homework everyday.

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