Water Safety

This morning BRW welcomed back Trisha from Nottingham Water Safety Partnership. Trisha came to remind us about keeping safe near water and what to do if we ever fell in extremely cold water.

Trisa reminded us of the water SAFE code:

SPOT – Check for hazards. Be careful of unsafe banks and stay well back from the edge.

ADVICE – Always read the safety advice signs. If you are not sure then ask a sensible adult for help.

FRIENDS – Swim with your friends and family. Never swim alone.

EMERGENCY – Find the nearest phone and call 999 or 112. Shout loudly to attract attention. NEVER enter the water to help someone.

We also discovered that if we were to fall into cold water then our body would go into shock. We can save ourselves by making a star shape with our bodies and leaning back to stop water going into our mouths.

Thank you so much to Trisha for sharing this important and potentially life saving advice with us this morning.


  1. This really helped me to learn more about water safety and what to do if it ever happened. SAFE-Spot Advice Friends Emergency.

  2. I’m so glad that Trisha came back as it is extremely important to stay safe when near or in water. We learn the ‘Water Safety Code’, how to stay safe and how to prevent any dangers from happening. Thank you once again Trisha.

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