Water Warriors

Year 5 had a fantastic morning learning about reducing our water usage from Severn Trent Water. We began the morning with an assembly learning about how much water is used in our showers, baths, cleaning out teeth and much more! We also saw what happens to our sewers when we throw things down the toilet or drain that shouldn’t be – creating ‘fatbergs’ and blockages – which someone has the awful job of cleaning it out.

What can you do to at home to reduce the build up of waste in our sewers?


Later, Phil came to Year 5 to tell us more about the water cycle and that we actually drink water that would have been dinosaur urine at one point – ew! But don’t worry, the water is cleaned and filtered ready to be used again.

How long can a camel live without water?

How long can an elephant live without water?

How long can a cat live without water?

How long can humans live without water?

The Earth is made up of 70% water, but only 1% of that water is drinkable – which has to be shared all over the world. We can never create more water, so if we don’t start saving out water and reducing waste, we will eventually run out. What can you do at home to save water? Post a comment!

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