We are excited for our Harvest Mass!

It’s Thursday morning and we are very excited for our virtual Harvest Mass which is happening this afternoon. All our classes will be joining virtually with our teachers and some of our family will be watching from home. Fr Wilfred will be celebrating the Mass for us and each class has created a different Mass part for the celebration. Some of our class in Y5 have been writing and learning their prayers for the Mass.

Everyone has worked together to bring in food donations for the people who are in need. The Harvest we have gathered looks amazing, well done to everyone who brought something in! The donations are being sent to Emmanuel House and Clifton Food Bank and we are so happy that we can make a difference to their lives.

We wanted to do this so that the people in need know that they belong, that they are loved and that there are people thinking about them and caring for them. This is a small act of kindness that can hopefully make someone happy!

Pope Francis wants this month to be an extraordinary month of mission. We are being missionary disciples by sharing God’s gifts of harvest with others.

We think that as a community, we are full of spirit. We work together, we never give up. We are spirit strong.

We can’t wait for our celebration this afternoon and we hope you enjoy it if you able to join virtually.

Your mission is to be grateful for what you have and what you receive. Maybe you could say a thank you prayer to God or thank the people in your life who you are thankful for, like your family, friends and staff at our school.

Listen to the hymn below and think about what goodness you have in your life that you are thankful for.

By Alice and Thomas (Y5)

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