Welcome letter to the New Children.

Dear Parents and Children

Have a look around our Foundation Stage Unit

We have enjoyed getting to know you during your visits. We are sorry that we couldn’t welcome parents into the Unit as well, but hope the videos below will allow you to have a chat with your children about where they have been playing.

They will all be part of The Gruffalo Group to begin with and the photograph shows the displays were they will be based.

Inside the Foundation Stage Unit, just after the school day has started: https://youtu.be/dsE6f-nP0l8

Outside – before the children go out (sorry it was a very dull weather day!): https://youtu.be/JZXVIfaTmlw

The beginning of group times: https://youtu.be/0uJUxnm7KXc

Have a lovely Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in January.

Love from

Everybody in the Foundation Stage Unit. x

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