We’re Gonna Build – CASTLES!

How does our very own City of Nottingham shine?

Year 6 have been considering this question in the first two weeks of term. We feel that there are so many places and activities that make Nottingham a place that stands out!

Nottingham Castle is just one of those places! It might be closed until next year, but who needs the real thing when we have artist Paul Klee’s ‘Castle and Sun’ artwork to not only admire and explore, but to inspire us in creating our very own geometric, abstract Nottingham Castles?

Take a look at our oil pastel and water-colour recreations!


  1. Using the geometric shapes to create a castle when we had to do the watercolor wash. For sure that was the best part!

  2. I thought that is was really fun to create our own artwork linked to the ‘Castle and Sun’ by Paul Klee.

  3. I really liked the techniques that we used using all the different shapes all of our art looked amazing and, we all worked really hard on all of our Paul Klee arts I just loved this artwork that we did!!!

  4. It was really fun making up our own artwork inspired by Paul Klee. It was hard to get it as detailed as his but I think it turned out good!

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