We’re gonna build…MINECRAFT castles!

In Year 6, we do computing and we are using Minecraft to help with our building skills. Some love Minecraft; others don’t like it as much. In Minecraft, we are making extraordinary castles when we finish they will look great.

In class, we are looking at how we can shine a light on our city of Nottingham. One of our main tourist sights in Nottingham is Nottingham castle! This is what we are trying to remake in Computing. We have to build an entrance way, a moat and with turrets!

Also, as a Digital Leader, I love tech and especially Minecraft!!! Before I started I had a quick think about my build. Also I enjoy helping my fellow peers and making there build look astounding


  1. I enjoyed making these Minecraft castles as it was a good experience for me. It was fun and enjoyable for all of my peers as well.

  2. It was really fun making the minecraft castles and I learned new skills on minecraft to! I loved how we could build it however we wanted and there was no limit to what you could do.

  3. Doing this was a very fun experience , we had to be very creative with how we designed our castle. I enjoyed doing this work

  4. This lesson was very fun becausec we got to get creative and use our knowledge of castles in making our own on Minecraft!!

  5. Great castle there George I like minecraft to and I hope your castle goes to plan and also don’t forget to ad flags.

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