What happened in WWII?

By Jazmine

WWII started in 1939-1945. It began when Hitler (leader of the German army) started to take land, breaking the promise of the Treaty. This happened because Neville Chamberlain (prime minister) appeased Hitler to take land with no demands and no complaints.

Hitler took more and more land but Britain and France did not fight they stood back. Once Hitler invaded Poland Britain had to go to war. This war was different, it was fought in the sky causing tons of dogfights to happen. Children and vulnerable people had to be evacuated to be safe in the countryside, this happened 2 days before war. When the next day begun, no bombs or war had started so most children came back thinking there wasn’t a war after all but on the other hand, it had started having children to go back to the countryside.

What made Britain go to war?

After Hitler took more land he started to go to far with the taking. Britain came because he invaded Poland which that broke the whole promise from the Treaty so Britain had to stop him from this. France decided to join and team up with Britain they were called the ‘Allies’ along with United States and the Soviet Union. Whilst the Germans teamed up with Italy and Japan they were called the ‘Axis’.

Who won the war?

After Hitler died, the Germans had to surrender because they had no leader and no one to lead them. They thought they would lose so they surrendered to the Allies. As soon as this was heard, British people began celebrating out in the streets putting up banners, bunting and more out in the streets. Although this was not the end of the war, it was the end of the fighting in Europe.The US and Japan were still fighting until Japan surrendered.

What happened when children had to be evacuated?

When the evacuation happened, tons of people were starting to be evacuated to the countryside. A day had passed this was the start of the war but in the beginning no bombs no bullets were being shot.Everyone there was no war.Until bombs and guns started to be shot and bombs exploded onto buildings.This made children to be evacuated again Propaganda posters were being held up saying to bring back children into the cities but some people actually believed it so they just went back.


  1. Wow Jazmine your just taking me back to history class with your detailed information about Word War 2,

    Keep up the work!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for the facts about World War 2. This really helped me a lot! Did Germany invade any other countries?

  3. Thank you Jazmine for giving us a good idea of World War 2 and what made Britain go to war.
    Good work.

  4. Jazmine, you know such amazing facts about WW2! I have a question: What was the first Nazi concentration camp?

  5. Those are some really interesting fact.How young we’re some of the soldiers?
    How many soldiers took part in the war?

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