What is Lent?

Yesterday morning KS2 liturgy team lead all of year 3.4,5 and 6 on the theme of Lent. We looked at the 3 different parts of lent prayer, fasting and almgiving. We looked at how to more like Jesus through out lent.

Through out lent we take time in reflect on ourselves. We watched a video on all the things that people are giving and what they thought about lent.
If you would like to watch the same video here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mAYIFMK8Kw
We found the video inspirational that children our age all over the world know of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us all! The love he has for us all no matter who we are.
We had great fun in the liturgy looking at the 3 pillars of lent are some tasks for you to complete!

Prayer the time we spend talking to God and building a relationship. Can you spent a moment in prayer every day of lent?
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Fasting when we go without to help others or to help become closer with God. What have you given up? let us know in the comments!
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Almsgiving showing the love of Jesus through our actions. How can you help out this lent and look out for everyone!

We spent some time in prayer and prayed for everyone in our school that they may have a peaceful and prayerful lent. We really enjoyed taking the time to think of others!

What are YOU giving up this lent?

Kaylum and Louise

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