What is Light? Year 3 Investigates…

Year 3 had a great time poking holes in boxes to investigate what happened if we looked at objects hidden by a box. First we poked holes in the top of the box and looked to see if we could make out any of our objects. Next, we tried poking a few holes in the side and tried again. Then we tried using a torch and noted what happened if we looked through holes near the torch light and further away.

What do you think we learned about light?


  1. I’ve learned that when I looked from the side and the torch was at the top I could see the scissors inside the box.

  2. I have learned that light will only travel in a straight line and if you look directly at the sun it will damage your eyes.

  3. We have learnt about light and how important it is to everyone. We used a torch to have an idea how the light works. It is giving us warmth, we can also make food and drink. I have made my own whizzer wheel.

  4. I have learnt that light only goes in straight lines and you cannot see the light through a cardboard box.

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