What’s Your Story?

The children have become excellent story tellers this week through using the magical stones they found at Forest School to help them create interesting and action-packed stories!

Listen to some of their ideas…which is your favourite story?

Benjamin chose stones with a wave, a heart and a girl on them.  ‘Suddenly, one day, the waves were growing and growing and they chopped all of the houses and trees down and almost chopped the girls heart! But she loved it because it was just a dream.’

Harry – chose stones with people, waves and a spiral on them. ‘The girls and boy were walking down by the river, they tripped in the water and there was a tornado in the water and it chopped down the trees and the boy and girl were spinning and there were sharks and crocodiles eating them and the tornado was spinning and spinning and sent them everywhere!’

Zachery  chose stones with a heart, a flower and a dice on them.  ‘There is blanket and spider is under. The shape came out the blanket. Spider went to the bee on the flower.’

Casper chose stones with a spiral,  a dice and a spider on them. ‘Tornado come and it flewed away! Dice rolled somewhere else to the tornado and it goes far far away.’


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