Who IS the Greatest Greek?

We couldn’t decide!

So we just had to have a debate about it! After planning, researching and combining all arguments for, against and about their given Ancient Greek figure, the Year 6s took part in a very civilised, mature and respectful debate. This then led to a democratic vote to decide on which team had persuaded us most successfully to nominate their man / woman for the accolade. I felt as though we were really in the heart of Ancient Athens, the birthplace of modern democracy!

And the winner?


Take a look at some of their persuasive videos. Listen out for their persuasive openers, exaggeration and rebuttals…

Eliana Jessica Alfie Erin P

Who would YOU have voted for, and why?


  1. Everyone in all of the debating teams were amazing and used all of their debating skills to convince us to vote for them. Some of these skills were PEE and Persuasive language.

  2. I am so happy that I got to participate in this debate. The debate was packed with rebuttals to prove the opponent wrong, comebacks to weaken the opposing side and finally lots of points to support the fact that their Greek was in fact the greatest Greek. Pamphile was the person who I needed to prove was the Greatest Greek to the opposing teams.

  3. The debate was so fun. Everyone had a time to say what they wanted to say so in my eyes it was a very fair and fun debate.

  4. I was in Archimedes group and if I was allowed to I would have voted for him, as he is a true leader and discovered how to find the volume of any shaped objet.! As well as this, he created pi! However, I know that I cannot do this so I voted for Metrodora as she wrote a 63 chapter book that saved women’s life! She definitely deserved the Greatest Greek accolade.

  5. It was a good debate and we worked hard to use persuasive openers and speech. Overall, metradora deserved to win event though she is not a very well known Greek citizen.

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