Number Fact RockBots!

What do you call a TTRS Rock Hero crossed with a NumBot Champion??? A RockBot of course!

Take a look at our weekly update, where you can find out who is top of your class leader-board in TTRS and Numbots, as well as which classes have headlined this week!

Take a look at week ending 15.10.21! Our leaders this week have played the most minutes, just to keep you all on your toes!

  Times Table Rock Stars NumBots
Year 1 No data just yet! No data just yet!
Year 2 Hayden Austin
Year 3 Osayu Jett
Year 4 Charlie Poppy
Year 5 Leo No data just yet!
Year 6 Elizabeth Ashleigh
  Times Table Rock Stars NumBots
Fastest Speed Year 5  
Participation Year 6 Year 4
Accuracy Year 2 Year 3

Well done to all our participants! And just think… YOU could be up there next week, so get onto TTRS and NumBots and get learning your number facts!


  1. Times Table Rock stars is so fun and is also challenging to compete against you friends. It is a great way to improve you times tables but also having a great amount of fun while doing it. When you achieve your quickest amount of seconds we do not stop, instead we do a best and go for a quicker amount of seconds.

    • True, even though I can get angry I still really enjoy playing it, this is a really fun game that I really like to play to test my speed on my times tables in always practice before doing my test on Tuesday!🤪😌💯

  2. I really love TTRS as it really helps with my times tables. I’m going to try hard to get to the top of the leaderboard in Year 6!

  3. I love times tables and I am pretty fast at them. So I think year 6 will probably beat year 5 with the most accuracy. Times tables are so easy.

  4. Well done to all of you who have made it to rock hero and who has made it to the top of the class. You have all done amazing in times table rockstars, we will all be rock heros by the end of this year!

  5. Times table rockstars is challenging but it is really fun. Not only online but we also do TTRS papers in school too which is practice for out times tables.

  6. Times tables Rockstars is good for improving peoples times tables if they are not good at it. Sometimes it is challenging but also fun to play because you can improve your knowledge and even make your own personal avatar. Also it is fun challenging your classmates to a times table match.

  7. TTRS is a challenging yet fun way to improve not only your knowledge of times tables but also your speed at answering them and your accuracy in knowing them. It is a very fun activity which I think all ages can enjoy!

  8. I love times tables rockstars! It is very challenging sometimes but we get through and well done year 6 with the participation and the accuracy!!! Keep up the good work.

  9. Time Tables Rock stars is a good way to help you to know you multiplication fast and formally. Also it helps you to be a good sportsmanship and you compete with other classes to see how fast your class has going.

  10. Time Tables Rock stars is a good way to help you to know you multiplication fast and formally. Also it helps you to be a good sportsmanship and you compete with other classes to see how fast your class has going

  11. I definitely think that TTRS is really helping me improve my speed and my knowledge on all the times tables, I aim to get better and better with times tables and faster and faster to. TTRS is a fun and an enjoyable way to learn times tables. This is really helping me improve with my times tables hopefully we can do more.

  12. I like times table rockstars because it is really helping me to improve on my times table and I reccomend those who are not playing TTRS to get playing it. OH and congratulations to abin for being year 6’s fastest this week.

  13. TTRS really helps me improve my time tables and is a great warmup for our math lessons. Also it is really fun to do online because you get to play with many people around the world! 🙃

  14. Times Table Rockstars is a great warm up for our maths lessons. In times table rockstars, we get better and better because there’s not only multiplication, but division aswell! Keep up the good work!👍

  15. Congratulations to this weeks top of the class. In Year 6, we have been working hard on our times tables. Well done!👍🏼

  16. I think TTRS is a good maths game/help because it helps you warm up before you do your maths. This Year I will try be on the Top 5 on TTRS.

  17. I love TTrockstars. It improves my times table knowledge and my number facts. I love the challenge of trying to beat my personal best score.

  18. This Year I will get to the top of the Times Tables Rock-stars of the class. Times Tables Rock-stars are are important because we test our knowledge on how fast we can think about our times tables. Times table Rock-stars is also a good way to learn your number facts faster because you need think hard. Finally, Times Tables Rock-stars is a competitive learning strategy because every day you will try to beat your time and see if you become a Rock Hero! If you try your best you will succeed!

  19. TTRS really helps me to learn my times tables and i am going to try and get to the top of the leaderboard.

  20. TTRS is so much fun I would sponsor it to everyone on earth I really hope soon I will get 1st or near to that!!!!

  21. I think times tables rockstars is very important because you improve on your times tables and you will need your times tables skills with other topics in maths such as factors.

  22. I really like TTRS as well because all though it is challenging it is really fun as well and for more practice we do it in school on the papers and we do it sometimes for homework

  23. I love TTRS because doing once a day for 3 minutes really help me improve on my times tables. Since starting TTRS I have noticed a huge change in knowing more of my times tables and knowing them faster. This also helps me so much when it comes to Maths !

  24. This app has really helped my knowledge times tables because now i…am…a…ROCK LEGEEEEEEEEEEEEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(1.35)but my fastest speed is 1.15.

  25. Well done for the people who are in the lead in the class and not just a well done to everyone but a good round of a clause for the people who are trying there best to win!!

  26. I love times tables rockstars i think its the best ever online website in the whole world i know a lot of mine like 9 times nine 81 and 12 times 12 144.

  27. Well done: Osayu in Year 1, Alexander in Year 2, Maia in Year 3, Binil in Year 4, Jae in Year 5 and George in Year 6!!

    Times Tables are the best! You can learn them in 3 easy steps: 1) Work out the answers on a paper 2) Check if there right 3) Then keep on saying them until you remember them. I really miss you all!

  28. I am so excited there is a new competition on Times Tables Rock stars! It is a Guiness world record attempt. Who can beat the score of 186 questions in a minute i think Jae could do that after all he is first in the school! The prize is you get to be in the Guiness world records and get a copy!

  29. I didn’t realise I was top of the class. All the hard work on my times tables and in year 6 must have payed off. If i keep practising I could be the leader for a long time

  30. TTRS has always been enjoyable for me. This game has helped me so much to perfect my times tables, now I am so much better at them. My next challenge is to get faster so I become fluent!

  31. I love TTRS because it helps you with you times tables. In addition I also love TTRS because you can race other classes for the most accuracy and participation.

  32. I’m proud to say this, but I am now officially not the TTRS champion of this school anymore. Well done Benjamin!

  33. Well done Hayley for ttrs and Lily for numbots. I’m planning to win mathletics next week but i need to wait and see though!

  34. when I didn’t know my times table’s I just used times table rock stars to help me with my times table’s and it actually worked!

  35. Wow, all of you guys really want to become top of the leaderboard! Well, I’m sure you all have a chance if you keep persevering! Good luck!

  36. I really enjoy playing these fun activities and trying our best to raise to the top of the leader board and be the best out of our school.

  37. Congrats to this week’s leaders – you rule! This is a rockin’ idea and the comments have been awesome to read through😎🤘🏼⚡️Thanks, Baz

  38. I really love how we can compete with our friends and see who is faster out not just our friends but the whole school

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