Whole Class Reading in Year 3

Miss Singleton is very excited to read to you this week Year 3. So grab your copy of the chapter ‘A Lot of Old Codswallop’ and get yourself comfortable!

After you’ve read this, I want you to come up with some of your own sentences using this week’s five key words and add them in the Comments section below




  1. Thank you Miss Singelton and I enjoyed you reading the story here are my sentences.
    One was being flamboyant in front of his friends.
    The bees swarming around my head
    Dad hoisted me over the park fence
    I played football and my legs feel crumpled
    I converted my dress into a onesie .

    • A very quick response Tilly, well done. Now extend one of these sentences with a subordinate conjunction such as because, unless or although to improve it.

  2. My sisters dress was too Flamboyant for my aunties posh wedding.
    The bees were swarming around my head because i got too close to their hive.
    My dad hoisted me onto the horse because i was too small.
    My mum was crippled because she fell over when she was running, although she now has crutches to help her walk.
    My dad converted our shed into a den for me to play in.

  3. The fields looked very flamboyant this spring.
    In a hive there is a swarming of bees.
    The captain said “hoist the anchor”.
    In Minecraft crippled creeper creeped behind me!
    I converted the sandpit into a desert so we can play with toy camels and pyramids.

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