Whole Class Reading in Y3

Here is Miss Singleton reading Chapter 11 ‘It’s a Miracle, It’s a Miracle’. Add some sentences using the Key words for this week below.

They are…






If you’d like to write your letters to the Colonel here too, feel free. Here’s one from Marcel, who also managed to include a previous Key word. Can you spot which one?

Dear Colonel

You must help my friend because he has no food to eat. He has been my friend since I was child and forever I remember. I don’t want to him to perish. I really, really love him. I want to take him back to England with me but he must be better and stronger for the long journey.


Leo has also sent his in…

Dear Colonel,

Can you please help my friend and my lion because if you don’t then the lion will get taken away and shot, and my friend will die of hunger! Please It’s also the symbol of Britain, I’ll pay if i have to! Anything, just help me




  1. I watched the acrobat walk the high wire with gritted teeth.
    I was reluctant to try the vegetables that my mum had cooked for my dinner.
    My pet dog loves gnawing on his favourite dog bone.
    I coughed and spluttered because I swallowed some water whilst I was in the swimming pool.
    watching the clouds float by whilst I was on the aeroplane felt surreal.

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