Whole School Science Challenge Number 6

This week get ready to go on a Spider Safari!

Go on a spider safari around your home! Carefully explore where you live looking for spiders. If you find one draw what it looks like. You could also try and identify what type of spider it is. (See below for a ID guide)

WHAT DO YOU NOTICE? Things to talk about …

How many types of spider did you find?

Which type of spider was most common?

Where do spiders like to live? What do spiders eat?

Can you find spiders anywhere else, e.g. balcony, shed, garage, garden?

Did you find any baby spiders? Or spider’s eggs?

Do the babies look like the adults?

There are 650 different species of spider found in the UK. Several of them share our living spaces; some stay the whole year round, whilst others have just found their way in through open windows or gaps beneath doors. Spiders are very important in our urban environment. They are eco-friendly pest controllers as they help to control the numbers of many nuisance household pests, like flies and clothes moths.

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Spiders have eight legs and are not insects – they are called arachnids.

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