Wisdom Mass with Year 5!

Year 5 went to Corpus Christi in the Lady Chapel. We celebrated Mass with Fr Wilfred, with the theme being Wisdom! Year 5 planned different parts of the Mass. Some of these were bidding prayers, hymens and read out the readings. It was really exciting and we loved taking time out of our day to pray to God.
A few people designed inventions, inviting friends and family to our Mass. It was great to see so many people joining us to celebrate the theme wisdom and everything we have learnt.
We learnt the way that Wisdom is power and that it gives us Strength. One person that we know that has Wisdom is Jesus. We heard the Gospel from Saint Paul all about how Gods kingdom is inside of us all and know God is wisdom and love.
Keep an eye out for our next Mass as we would love to see you there!
Year 5 Faith Ambassadors

Katie and Lenny

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