World Book Day – Orion and the Dark

Update: Today we continued our work on Orion and the Dark. We debated the pros and cons of dark and tried to persuade others using Conscience Alley – even our Mid-day supervisors got involved. Thanks ladies. We’ve also started creating some very dark poetry!

This week, Year 3 (as well as the rest of the school) have been exploring the fabulous book ‘Orion and the Dark’ by Emma Yarlett. It’s about the fears, of which there are many, of one small boy, until one day he meets his greatest fear of all…

Before the children had even read the book we concentrated on one illustration in particular, where we could only see this rather frightened little child. We then built up a bank of rich vocabulary exploring his feelings. We used the app ‘Word foto’ to illustrate some ideas.

We also discussed personifying ‘Darkness’ What do you think it looks like? What might it sound like? What might feel like? The class were given free range to available materials and got creating!

Watch this space for more work this week…

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