World Mental Health Day: Year 2

We had a wonderful and thought-provoking day on Friday. We thought about our mental health and talked about how we can make sure that we are feeling good in our minds, as well as our bodies.

Firstly, we started the day with a Just Dance challenge to the song ‘Happy’.

Then, we read the story, ‘Ruby’s Worry’. This helped us to talk about how we feel when we are worried and how to make ourselves feel better.

Next, we wrote Mental Health pledges. We know how to look after our mental now and in the future.

Finally, we enjoyed a relaxing Yoga session that calmed our bodies and minds.

Year 2, what was your favourite part of the day?

What did you learn about mental health?

How will you look after your mental health in the future?


  1. I loved how you did yoga and did a pledge to promise that you will do. I also loved that you did some colouring to carm your minds.

  2. I had so much fun on world mental health day. This looked like so much fun when you did the dances to happy

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