World War 1: Our Learning So Far

In year 6, we have been learning about World War 1! Our interests led us to go on a trip to Clifton Village where we found many graves of Soldiers and homes back in the 20th Century! We were fascinated with the information we were given and the soldiers who had fought. Year 5 and Year 6 have been reading the book “War Horse” to have a perspective of a horse on how the War was like, and we have been really enjoying learning about it!

In science, we have been working on how to install and improve lighting in the trenches and what some of the negatives were about the equipment we had. We were having a good time learning about WW1, up to the point that we created a setting description about how soldiers living in the trenches would be like, AND we had our own assemblies on World War 1 representing what fighting was like in 1914-1918. We focused on a particular man named Muirhead Bone, who was an official World War 1 War Artist! We gathered up enough information to make a biography about how he became a War Artist. So far, year 6 have really enjoyed our topic and I am sure we will look forward to future activities!!

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