World War I

This term, Year 5 and Year 6’s topic is……

World War I!

The Year 6 pupils have been writing as if they were soldiers from the World War I.

We have talked about how it is in the trenches, how the latrines (toilets) would always block and overflow. How all the water gives the soldiers trench foot and spreads diseases. We also talked about No Man’s land (the centre of the battlefield) that would be surrounded by barbed wire. They had to sleep during the day and fight and battle during the afternoon to the evening. The soldiers very rarely got to send letters to their families, play card games.

If you know a fun fact about The World War I, comment them!


  1. This year we are learning about WW1 people have risked their lives to save our country we will always remember these soldiers. Lest We Forget.

  2. This term, we have have been learning about World War One. We have learned about how the trenches, we drew our own depictions of what the trenches were like and wrote facts about them and their conditions. We also learned about there construction. We have also held a remembrance Mass (as of 13/11/18.)

  3. This year we a learning about WW1 people have risked their lives for us and to save our country and we should always remember these soldiers: LEST WE FORGET

  4. My Fact: In September 1939, after 21 years after the end of WW1, a second Global War began when Nazi Germany invaded Poland!!

  5. I really enjoyed writing gruesome stories about the WW1 soldiers in the trenches and the disgusting things they had to withstand such as Trench Foot, Rats crawling around, Lice, and many more.

  6. The topic about WW1 is very interesting. I enjoy learning about the brave soldiers and how the trench’s were a disaster.

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