World’s Tallest Basket Baller comes to BRW!

On Sports Relief Day, the world’s tallest basket-baller (Paul) visited BRW and taught us more about the sport basketball. Before we played any basketball, we had an assembly on the sport. Paul taught us more about the sport and how it is played. The whole of the school were able to have a go at playing basketball. In year six we all enjoyed having a go at basketball! When we got outside we were all split into different teams. I was put on team 4. We practised dribbling with our left hand, right hand, forwards dribbling and backwards dribbling. My team won one round. After this, we played a game. The rules were before we caught the ball we had to clap our hands. It was a difficult because paul could make it look like he was going to throw it to us but he didn’t . I managed to get to the final round.

By Lois B


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