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At BRW this year, we have continued to participate in the Living Streets Travel Tracker. Every morning, we track whether we have travelled to school via; walking, driving in a car, park and stride, scootering, cycling or getting public transport. Every time we walk, bike, scooter, take public transport or park and stride, we earn points for a badge! Over the year, we have collected badges linked to animals around the world.

Next year, we will continue to reduce the carbon emissions around our community by taking a more ECO friendly route to school. Our school’s most popular way to get to school is by walking and doing park and stride… let’s see if we can increase this next year!

Year 5 have a total of 5069 active trips

Year 4 have a total of 4878 active trips

Year 1 have a total of 2492 active trips

Year 6 have a total of 1701 active trips

Year 4 have a total of 1389 active trips

Year 2 have a total of 1357 active trips

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