WOW Tracker

BRW have been chosen to take part in an exciting new scheme, run by Living Streets. It is an exciting new way of logging how we walk to school and how we stay active at home! We are focused on reducing our carbon footprint by reducing car emissions around school and being more active to become healthier – we know the WOW Tracker will help us with this.

Each morning during register, you will be able to log how you got to school. If you walk to school at least once a week, every week, you will receive a badge. As the scheme continues, we will set new challenges for each class to achieve!

Can’t walk to school? Don’t worry! Your activity at home can contribute too, so long as you’re being active. You have the option to record bike rides.

How to log your activity

Step 1:

Go to

Your password to login is : speed-fetch-mouse

Step 2:

Click on your class

Step 3:

Your class will appear with everyone’s names.

Click on the person’s name to log their activity.

Step 4:

Your screen will now look like this. The orange icons are how you travelled to school. If you didn’t attend school or did some other activity at home, such as a bike ride, you can also log this. It’s that simple!


  1. I honestly keep track on this website everyday, whether it’s completed or not. Basically, I believe that this is a way to exercise every day: it records my movement from/to school/home.

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