WOW Word of the Week

Sorry for the delay this morning Year 4 – I’ve had a technical difficulty! Here’s this week’s word of the week.

In Year 4 we always love to learn new words and challenge ourselves to use them in our conversations and writing.

Which new words have you learnt this week?

This week, my new favourite word is…..


It’s an adjective and it means to be unwilling, disinclined or simply not want to do something!

Try to use it in your own sentence. Here are some examples…

She was reluctant to complete her homework.

You can also use it as an adverb i.e.

Reluctantly, he completed his homework but only because he knew he would have to stay in a break time if he didn’t.

Mrs Henderson


  1. Hi Nathan! Well done – you are still the first to post on this week’s word of the week!
    I like how you have linked your sentence to flying! 🙂

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