Writing Instructions: English Lesson 4

Hello Year 2!

Here is some extra support for your English lesson today. Your task today is to write a set of instructions explaining how to steal chickens from Farmer Boggis’s farm.

Firstly, read through my example text with your adult at home. This can be found in your English pack for this week.

Then, watch this video to help you with your task: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjG_2sWbNJY&t=104s

This video explains the key features of instructions writing and what you need to include in your instructions text.

Some additional support if the success criteria table below. Use this table (or create your own) to help you to ensure you have included all the key features of an instructions text.

Good luck with your writing. Just try your best and feel proud of yourself! 🙂


    • Wow Riley – I love that you have used our new word ‘ravenous’ in your sentence!
      I am feeling ravenous because it is just before lunch time… 🙂

  1. Every one is ravenous and extremely excited to finally eat some food.The farmers were impudent to the fox’s.Some of the food was rotten.The candle was flickering on the table.The chicken was hollow.Mr Fox’s meal was delicious.How will we eat all this food?We will not go out there again.They had chickens,ham,pies and basal.When they gobbled the food they were so happy.

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