1. Wow Year 3!! It looks like you have had such a mathematical day! I think for problem 2 the answer is 12 let me show my working:
    I think the answer is 12 because all you have to do is 4×3=12!

  2. For the 1st problem you would have to do 3 multipled by 7 because theres 3 vases of roses with 7 in each so the answer would be 21 Rose’s altogether.

    For the second problem you would have a look at how many miles he ran on 1 day and then multiply 4 miles by 3 days and u should get 12 miles

    For the third problem you would look how many boxes Phil sold which is 7 and it says there were 8 cookies in each so you would to 7×8 which is 56 so he sold 56 cookies

    For the fourth problem you would have to include multiplication because you need to find out how many pencils Genevieve brought by doing 30×9 which equals 270 so she brought 270 pencils

  3. Personally, i believe that for question one, the answer is 21. This is because if you have 3 vases and 7 flowers in each one, you will have 21 in total because 7×3=21.

    For number 2, Will would have ran 12 since 4×3=12.

  4. For question 1 it would be 21 because 7×3=21.
    For question 2 it would be 12 because 4×3=12.
    For question 3 it would be 56 because 7×8=56.
    For question 4 it is a tricky one but it would be 270 because 3×9=27 and add a 0 (because you took the 0 off 30) to get 270!! Wow year 3 very challenging but I have a question for you! It is 6×50=???? Can you work out the ‘????’?

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