Y3 Teams Meeting

The Feathered Hunter

His coal-black pupils, an island set in a sea of molten gold, stared straight ahead of him. As he broke out into a run, his needle-like talons made a sharp, scraping sound against the lichen-covered rocks beneath him.

The wind gusting behind him would be beneficial as he took his leap of faith off the cliff top. It was always a risky business, but when an opportune moment like this came around, he had to make it count…

Question time! Think about possible responses…

What is it that the owl has seen?

How would the ‘wind gusting behind him’ be beneficial?

What do you think ‘leap of faith’ means?

Why do you think owls are such effective predators?

Why do you think the owl is running?

What do you think it would feel like to fly?

Imagine the camera has zoomed out. Can you describe what is around the owl so that we can understand what he might be doing?

TASK TIME – Look at these ‘sick sentences’ How can we make them better?

Can you help? Could you add an adverb?

The owl ran. It had eyes and brown feathers. Its claws were sharp.

Over to you Year 3 – add your new, improved sentences and any thoughts or additional sentences you want to add.


  1. Sophia wrote…
    The determined hunter slid with his soft, silky, dotted wings as he pounced on a pile of worms and his bright yellow eyes shone.

    I love your strong adjectives Sophia and alliterative description. Fantastic work! 🙂

  2. As his large black eyes were completely focused on his prey, his dark ruffled feathers slowly moved as the wind blew past it. Ready to launch, his razor sharp talons dug into the solid bark of the tree but before he got stuck he swooped towards his prey.

    • You may notice I have added a full-stop here Hannah to turn it into two sentences. You have packed a lot in. Think where you could use an adverb most effectively – maybe ….he swooped swiftly towards his prey.’ What would you write? Fantastic work Hannah 🙂

  3. Wildly, the owl sprinted, fearlessly taking off. His golden eyes and smooth chocolate coloured wings reflected the morning sun. His talons, as sharp as knives, were ready to pin something down.

    • Excellent work Tilly, I love all the ‘extra details’ such as ‘reflected the morning sun’ and the use of a simile. Wow! 🙂

    • Great word choices Hayley, you’ve made the owl sound quite the villain of the piece! Well done 🙂

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