Y3 Writing Challenge

The Winter King strolled confidently through the river of ice. This was HIS domain. Here, it was always winter.

This used to be a place of happiness; beams of sunlight would streak down through the trees, pouring warmth onto the forest floor. Birds would sing happily from their nests, fish would swim in the warm waters of the stream and beautiful flowers would burst out of the soft earth. Now, all of that had disappeared, having retreated from this new age of cold.

Wherever he went, the cold followed him. Frost flowed from his fingertips, snow formed around his feet and his cold stare turned all life into statues of solid ice.

Summer was trapped under his spell. Would the world ever experience warmth again?

Year 3…Add another paragraph each, using what you have learned about constructing powerful sentences.

Can you describe the icy world? Is the King evil or does he have no control over his powers?

Will the world ever return to summer again? Who or what will put a stop to winter?



  1. In the middle of summer the Snow king touched the merry polar bear and freezed him to death. Nothing was left from him just an icy statue. As the Snow king joyfully skipped across the pearly lake he froze it. Once it was a lovely and hot landscape now there is no summer on Earth. Just the longest season now the everlasting season winter.

  2. The bitter biting snow danced down to perform a perfect crystal carpet. The polished and pearly ice felt as if it would freeze people and animals to clear glass stone. The ice king was a menacing mean man. Animals missed the feel of the warmth of the glowing and flickering light. The winter breeze shook and shocked the creatures. The shaking snow surrounded the trees in its coldness.

  3. The gelid air around me made me awning myself.The dicey floor made me Sambra across it.The shaking snow surrounded the trees in its coldness.The bitter biting snow danced down to perform a perfect crystal carpet.The polished and pearly ice felt as if it would freeze people and animals to clear glass stone. Animals missed the feel of warmth of the glowing and flickering light.

  4. As the mysterious figure walked through the freezing cold air,my feet felt rock solid in the ice.The polar bear roared like thunder at me.Now all the leaves have fallen from the trees as winter approaches.I felt the wind chill my cheek as they turn red like a rose.

  5. The winter King was a sad man it all started one winters day it was freezing cold, and he started to cry, his tears of sadness fell down his rosey cheeks hit the ground and made it turned into ice the ice grew and spread all around him, he blinked in disbelief as it spread across the land to the other villages and towns and soon covered the whole world, the villagers hid in great fear.
    Year later The winter King was very ill and died. The villages cried warm happy tears that the spell may have been broken. They cried and cried their happy tears as their tears hit the ground they I started to melt and life is starting to return to normal, the plants grow again and the Sun shone brighter than it had that done before. Life was all happy again finally the summer had returned and normal seasons had returned again.

  6. The king sadly strolled around the bitter, icy forest, then his heart began to ache as he saw what he did to his wonderful and peaceful land. Everything he touches froze until it was as cold as an ice cube. Ever since the evil witch put a curse on him and the only way to stop the curse is for him to hug the true love of his life.

  7. The weather was bitterly cold. The tall trees were swaying in the strong, icy wind. The only sound to be heard was the howling of the wind. The deep, pearly white snow gleamed under the shining street lamps. Where had the warm sun gone? It was a miserable, freezing, wintry world to live in.

  8. Charlotte yr 3
    Wearily and wistfully the king stumbles across the slippery polished ice all alone with no family. A year ago he sacrificed his family to get his powers but he regretted what he did back then. To get his family back he had to sacrifice his powers and his fathers smooth silk coat. He had it because his dad died when he was born. But he did. He loved his kind family as much as the sunny summer and now it and they were here.

  9. The soft as cotton snow enveloped the ground as more snow danced down onto the ice king . The wind was biting his bones . The King thought to his self and said ‘‘is my hair going fly off?’’ The polar bear rawed loudly on the iceberg but the king was not scared and carried on walking

  10. As the cold, bitter snow fell around me I felt a shiver go down my spine. The menacing Ice king came in view,freezing everything in his sight. Even the creatures felt threatened that they would be frozen and my hopes the gargantuan polar bear would save me were demolished. Suddenly the King stopped and turned towards my hiding place, it felt like a piece of ice had come over my heart. Just as he stepped towards me there was a sound of rushing feet in my direction, my heart was beating fast. The pack of wolves rushed towards the Ice King ready to attack but he mysteriously disappeared in a puff of smoke.
    Peacefully the sun peeked through the icy trees as the snow daintily fell to make a fine carpet on the ground. I was safe for now!

  11. Wow, so many story ideas, and some really tense moments captured in just a few sentences!
    Keep going Year 3.

  12. The winter king was a menacing man. Although the glittering snow looked beautiful, it was cold enough to turn even the warmest heart to ice. The snowflakes danced around the enormous trees. I ran through the icy streets and wondered if summer would ever return?

  13. As the king walked across the glistening ice the animals curiously stared at this mysterious figure. The snow gracefully fell and covered the trees making them twinkle. Then a happy chirping danced through the air into the kings ears making him lose control of his power! Then the snow melted and the ice underneath his feet cracked!

  14. The Ice King was the master of ice. He only brushed gently past a tree and it shivered with ice, he glided over the floor and created a smooth, flat ice rink. Everything he touched was ice. Deep in the frozen forest animals grew colder and colder. Their fur had become hard as stone. But they knew the shining, glittering sun would reappear one day if only the King would release his icy grip on the world.

  15. As the winter king strolled fiercely through the iced path, he had full control over his icey powers and only the queen of summer could break his icey cold spell and make the world warm again .

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