Y3’s Expedition to the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Born: Around 1342 BC
Died: Around 1323 BC
Reign: Approximately 1333 BC to 1323 BC Tutankhamun became the pharaoh at the age of nine and ruled at a time when the Egyptian empire was at its strongest. He ruled for about 9 years until his death at the age of about 18. We are still not sure how he died but there are many opinions about this.
Some people say it was from an accident and others say it was from a disease that he suffered from after he broke his leg.

The tomb was found by a group of researchers lead by Howard Carter. The reason why Tutankhamun is one of the most famous and talked about pharaohs is because his tomb was only found in 1922, which means that all of the treasures and the body inside have been left in very good condition. Carter knew where to look because
he worked out from other important finds that the tomb would be in the Valley of the Kings

The Curse of the Mummy!
he curse of the mummy started after Tutankhamun’s tomb was opened. Mummies have been thought to have magical powers over any who disturb them. It started with Lord Carnavon; the man who paid for the dig of King Tut’s tomb died soon after it was opened. As soon as he died, all the lights in Cairo went out mysteriously. Other stories
are that Carter’s pet canary was killed by a cobra and Carnavon’s dog died the same night. Some think
it was a germ but others say it was magic.

Year 3 dared to venture into the tomb last week, in an expedition to discover the treasures of the tomb. One one could enter at a time and stay for a short time because of the dangerous gases still lingering! They had to work as a team in order to share their findings. What did they see there? Many wonderful things….

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