Y3’s Revolting Rhymes Half-term Homework

Year 3 have been very busy crafting their own Revolting Rhymes in the style of Roald Dahl. We were especially aiming for strong verbs, some rhyming words and even the odd rhyming couplet. We hope you enjoy our twist on the nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill’ as we share a section of each of our poems…


  1. Hello Today I was doing a JACK AND JILL POEM and I want to share some of it.

    Once upon a time, a long long while ago,
    There’s a magical well, I’m sure you’d like to know,
    They were racing up the tremendous hill,
    Jack was running in front of Jill,
    They were arguing what their using it for,
    They sat side by side mumbling,
    That they shouldn’t be siblings,
    Jill stood in front of Jack,
    Right behind his dirty back,
    Jill pushed Jack off the very tip,
    That he almost broke his worthy hip,

  2. Once upon a time a long while ago.
    Theres a magical well. I’m sure you’d like to know
    The tale of the naughty girl and boy who learned they shouldn’t annoy,
    the troublesome greedy siblings, Jack and Jill
    and how they lost their luck on a very steep hill!
    That fateful day their luck ran out.
    I’ll tell you readers what it was all about………………

  3. Once upon a time a long long while ago,
    There was a magic well I’m sure you’d like to know
    What happened to the sibling Jack and Jill
    when they went up that terribly, stinky, tall and long hill.
    the story goes that Wizards built that magical well!
    And the water inside it was under a evil spell the Wizards made.
    If you take a cool long drink from it you will feel cool and lucky everyday!
    That Identical day, there luck ran out and they felt as if they were being tortured by an evil Wizard and an evil Witch!

  4. Some fabulous ‘revolting rhymes’ so far Year 3. We had good fun coming up with these ideas, it’s lovely to see what you’ve created! Keep sharing your work…

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