Year 1 and 2 Class Mass

We started our Mass this morning by singing 10,000 reasons as we sang we brought forward to show waiting in hope. We had a great celebration!

The theme of our mass was waiting in hope! We looked at all the different ways we wait and what we wait for.
As we heard the first reading year 1 lead us in some actions brought the scripture to life.
We were lead in prayers by year 1 and 2 help us to pray for our school community, the church and people around the world. As we were looking at waiting in hope we said a prayer for those in Bunkpurugu who are waiting in hope for their school to be built.
Fr Wilfred read out the Gospel all how we are waiting for Jesus and do we follow the right path sometimes we can find that hard.

We are waiting for advent to start.

Adele, Alexander, Taylor and Savion

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