Year 1 Home-School Learning

Welcome to the Year 1 BRW Home-School Learning Page

Hello Year 1!

Welcome to our brand new online classroom. BRW is closed for now so our Year 1 family will be using the blog to keep in touch. I know that we are all going to miss the fun, laughter, learning and team spirit but we can keep it alive through our blog.

Please ask your adults to check here regularly to see what work you have been set and any hints and tips for your learning whilst we are apart.

If you have any questions about the work or would like to share some news about how your home learning is going, then please leave a comment on our blog. I will be checking regularly and will reply to your messages. Don’t forget to leave your own replies on the comments you see – this is how we will all stay in touch.

Home-School Learning: 

  • You have all been given a two week learning pack and a Busy Book. Please follow the guidance sent out and complete all of the tasks given. You should aim to complete 3 hours of work a week.
  • After the second week, I will set weekly tasks for you to complete at home. (If school remains closed) . You will complete these tasks either online or in your Busy Book.

Daily Challenges: 

Please try to complete some of the following challenges every day:

  • Read a book. This could be your reading book from school or a favourite book from your own collection.
  • Handwriting – Please practise your letter formation every day. In Year 1 we should be able to form most letters correctly by the end of the year. Ask an adult to help you to ensure that you are following our handwriting policy. See the handwriting families attached to your pack.
  • Phonics – Use your phonics mats when sounding out new words. Ask your adult to give you a sound a day. Write as many words as you can that contain that sound or search through your books to find words with that sound in.
  • Mathletics/Times Table Rockstars – Complete at least 10 minutes of online maths challenges per day. Your login is in your Reading Diary.
  • Exercise – Exercise is so important for our well being, concentration and fitness. It is especially important during this challenging time. Try to get out in your garden for a run around and some physical exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. Alternatively there are lots of online PE sessions on You Tube. You could try a yoga session or a Joe Wicks PE session which will be live each day.

Wider Curriculum:

Here are some suggestions of how you can work on our wider curriculum during your home learning. Use your Busy Book to record your learning.


Ask an adult to read the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Split a piece of paper into 4 sections and create a story board. Write a sentence to go with each part of the story board or retell the story in your own words.


We have been learning about continents and oceans. Choose a continent that you would like to visit. Research your continent and then write a list of reasons why you would like to go there. Don’t forget to include the climate, animals that live there, interesting landmarks and what you would need to pack in your suitcase. You could add images that you have printed out or labelled drawings.


We have been learning about Grace Darling. Imagine that you were one of the survivors that Grace rescued. Write a letter to Grace explaining how you felt when your boat was destroyed during the storm. What would you say to Grace? Imagine how you might have felt.


We have been inspired by the artist William Morris. William loved the great outdoors and nature. Create a collage using natural materials found outside. You could take a photo of it and stick it in your Busy Book.


We have been using paint programmes to draw coastal pictures. Click on the link to create your own seaside picture.


Use recycled materials to create a box model of a boat. Test the boat to see if it floats or sinks in water. Can you make it waterproof?


Remember…We are never far away. Please stay in touch. I will be thinking of you all and look forward to reuniting soon. Please stay healthy – wash your hands regularly and catch all of those coughs and sneezes.

Enjoy your home learning – 2020 really will be a year you will never forget. Work hard and always try your best. You make me so proud every single day and I just can’t wait to hear how you’re all getting on.

See you all soon!

Mrs Cook
















































If you have any questions, please contact the school office on 0115 9152392 or email

Thank You.